Board of Directors

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Pi would like to thank all the hard work of our Board of Directors. 

President - Rob Maguire 
Treasurer - Craig Jackson 
Secretary - Dawn Padget
Director - Fred Bantados
Director - Ioana Birleanu
Director - Linda Pitt
Director - Sabrina Martini
Director - Darren Mercer

Our Board is amazing, and you can be part of it! We are looking for new board members who are interested in working with Pi. 

Requirements of Board Membership include:

1. Commitment to the work of Pi Theatre.
2. Knowledge and skills in one or more of board governance, marketing, finance, programs, personnel or advocacy.
3. Willingness to serve on committees.
4. Attendance at scheduled board meetings.
5. Attendance at Annual General Meetings.
6. Attendance and support of special events including productions.
7. Support of and participation in fundraising events.
8. Financial support of Pi Theatre.

If you would like more information, please contact us.


Help Pi reach its goal of $2,750 in its matching campaign this fall!


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