Carnage is an absurdest comedy that explores our exposure to sex and violence on TV. Disgustingly and horrifyingly funny.

Director: Tammy Isaacson

Starring: Melanie Yeats, Billy Marchenski, Josue Laboucane, Niki Brown, Melissa Robertson, Marisa Smith, Matt Ellis, Ryan Egan, Donna Soares, shana Orlowsky, Daniel Martin

Set Design: John Popkin
Prop and Venue Design: Niki Boyd
Costume Design: Karen Mirfield
Projection Design: Jamie Nesbitt
Lighting Design: Darren Boquist
Sound Design: Joel Etkin
Assistant Direction: Carol Mann
Stage Management: Amber Cruikshank
Assistant Stage Management: Xanthe Faulkner
Publicity: Ellie O'Day

Carnage was a Prime at Pi emerging artists' showcase.

The mentors for this production were: David Roberts - Set Design, Del Surjik - Lighting Design, Sheila White - Costume Design, Patrick Pennefather - Sound Design, Tim Matheson - Projection Design and David Kerr - Stage Management.

Photos: Tim Matheson

Pi Theatre
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