Climate Change Performances

On November 12th at the Red Gate Revue Stage on Granville Island, artists from across Vancouver came together to produce works that look at the serious issue of climate change. Below are the participants in this show. For more information about the event, click HERE.

Pi Theatre’s contribution was a performance of Jordan Tannahill’s elegant Nocturne, a music centred mediation on the daily extinction from the world of 200 species of life. Richard Wolfe directed, and the performance featured Mishelle Cuttler.

The Only Animal produced Jordan Hall's Rube Goldberg Device for the Generation of Hope. Directed by Kendra Fanconi, who shares Jordan's interest in bringing Rube Goldberg machines into theatre and activating humankind to work forward to climate solutions. This work featured Sabrina Auclair and Anais West, with special help from stage manger Ariel Martz-Oberlander.

Resounding Scream Theatre performed Elanie Ávila's Brackendale. Linda Pitt directed Kayleigh Sandomirsky and June Fukumaru in this piece, and had this to say: "I was drawn to the humour and absurdity in it. Sometimes it's a relief to laugh while discussing issues as serious as climate change, but my hope is that after the laughter, the point hits home a little bit harder. We're looking forward to playing with a lot of physciality and movement, the audience / performer relationship and sound!"

Brenda Muñoz S. directed David Geary's Science is Dead...Again! She had to say that "Science is Dead...Again! is a slap on the face about what media is making out of society and about society accepting it." This show featured Lissa Neptuno, Chelsea Thompson and Olivia Lucas, with the support of Identity Lens Project and the Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre. 

Frolicking Divas performed Philip Braithwaite's Swing Among the Stars. The artists involved were Lori Watt, Lindsay Nelson and Charity Principe.

Shameless Hussy performed Chantal Bilodeau's Homo Sapiens. Renee Iaci directed Raylene Harewood and Camille Legg in this piece.

Next was Hiro Kanagawa's Gaia, performed by Melissa Oei and directed by Brian Cochrane. Why did they pick this play? As Chelsea Haberlin puts it, "Our piece is written by the governor general award winning playwright Hiro Kanagawa. What more can I say?!"

Lindsay Curl and Daneille Klaudt produced Anita Majumdar's We (Don't) Deserve Nice Things, with director Julia Siedanlowska and actors Anjela Magpantay and Melissa Oei. Here's what they have to say about it: "We keep multiplying and our stuff keeps multiplying, but our food? Our water?" A bridal party is scrunching newspapers into small balls in lieu of flowers. When a bridesmaid questions why the bride isn't splurging on her big day, the bride explains her concerns about leaving a "legacy of stuff" for future generations. 

Sara Vickruck and Jamie King produced Katie Pearl's Appreciation. "In these dire times, the only thing left to do is clap."


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