Cloud Tectonics

Cloud Techtonics

Jose Rivera's Cloud Tectonics is an enchanting and haunting love story, a magic realist tale of boy meets girl, in which the ordinary is transformed into the miraculous.  Meet Celestina del Sol, a rare and heavenly creature; a mystic wanderer with no sense of time and an infinite capacity to love.  

Cloud Tectonics was produced in association with the Vancouver Playhouse.

Directed by Bill Dow

Starring: Michael Scholar Jr., Carmen Aguirre and Alexander Ferguson

Set Design: Bryan Pollock and Del Surjik
Lighting Design: Del Surjik
Sound Design: Amos Hertzman
Costume Design: Barbara Clayden
Stage Management: Jessica Chambers
Apprentice Stage Manager:Samara Van Nostrand
Props: Kevin Cockell and Rob Lewis
HeadScenic Artist: Justus Hayes
Technical Director: Terence van der Woulde

Pi Theatre
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