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Thanks to everyone who attended our Fireworks Cocktail Party! We loved spending time with out guests, learning how to make three fantastic cocktails, and, of course, seeing a sensational fireworks presentation!

For those who missed out, don't worry, we'll be hosting many more events that we guarantee you'll want to be a part of.

See you soon!



On July 25, Pi Theatre will be hosting a Fireworks Cocktail party.

In honour of Vancouver’s historic Chinatown (the location of Pi’s HQ) and the country featured in the July 25th installment of Vancouver’s famous Celebration of Light, we’re throwing a China-themed event not to be missed. China invented fireworks 2,000 years ago, so you know this is going to be a very special night. 

To warm up the evening, you’ll be treated to an exclusive cocktail seminar given by Brandywine Bartending School owner / operator Dave Mott. Not only is Dave one of the finest bartenders in Vancouver, he works at the Oakwood Bistro and he’s also the Co-Artistic Producer of Upintheair Theatre, the company that created the rEvolver Festival. With that kind of pedigree you know this exclusive encounter with Dave and the world of Cocktails will be both fun and informative.  

Dave will be featuring two special fireworks-inspired cocktails, which of course you’ll be able to enjoy (over and over) as part of the evening’s offerings.

Hungry? Humans can’t live on cocktails alone, so we’ll be providing a wonderful selection of Chinese dim sum to enjoy as the sun goes down.

And starting at 10PM, you’ll be watching the beauty of light in action high above the crowds, from the 14th floor of a building located right on the corner of Davie and Denman.   This is a one-time opportunity to experience the fireworks as you’ve never experienced them before.


For more information or to buy tickets, please contact Shayna at 604.872.1861 or by email.
Tickets are $75 and include a tax receipt for $40.


View from the Condo

Check out the incredible view from the condo. We can't wait to watch the fireworks from here!

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