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The Fever

Playwright: Wallace Shawn

Starring: Clare Coulter

Director: Andy Kim
Stage Manager: Beata van Berkom
Production Manager: Ian Forsyth
Publicity: Linda Freer, Ian Forsyth
Poster Design: Jane Buchan

Dear Elena

Playwright: Ludmila Razumovskaya
Translated by: Cathy Porter

Director: Sandhano Schultze



Jessie Richardson award nomination:
Outstanding Body of Work (set) - Del Surjik

a review from our archives...


Dear Elena
By Ludmila Razumovskaya.  Translated by Cathy Porter.
Directed by Sandhano Schultze.  A Pink Ink Theatre production.
At the Vancouver Little Theatre until February 23


Dear Elena, a recent Soviet play, is what 1950s North American dramatic movies would have felt like if North Americans had had well articulated philosophical...

Mill Fire

Playwright: Sally Nemeth



Jessie Richardson award nominations:
Outstanding Body of Work - Del Surjik
Outstanding Performance (supporting) - Ian Morton

Director: Sandhano Schultze
Stage Manager: Gisele Grignet
Set Designer: Susan Madsen
Costumer Designer: Michael Bugera
Lighting Designer: Del Surjik
Photography: Stephen Mitchell
Sound Design: Lowell Morris
Technical Director: Bill Burr

Marlene: Sharon Heath
Champ / Priest / Inspector: Howard Kruschke
Sunny: Marlane O'Brien
Bo: Ian Morton
Jemison: Dee Jay Jackson
Widow #1: Susan Bain
Widow #2: Sandra Grant
Widow #3: Cindy...

De Beaux Gestes / Beautiful Deeds

Playwright: Marie-Lynn Hammond
Translated by: John van Burek

Co-produced with Theatre la Seizieme
Director: Rejean Poirier

Marie Lynn (the granddaughter): Chantal Morin
Elsie (the English Canadian grandmother): Lois Dellar
Corinne (la grand-mère franco-ontarienne): Nicole Robert

Set and Costume Designer: Nicole Dextras
Lighting Designer: Del Surjik
Musical Arrangements: Chantal Morin
Stage Manager: Yvan Morissette
Technical Director: Bill Burr
Production Manager: Sandhano Schultze
Photographer: Stephen Mitchell


Jessie Richardson Award Nomination:
Outstanding Performance (lead...


Playwright: Stephen Berkoff

An Equity Co-op presented by Pink Ink / Vancouver Little Theatre

Director: Sandhano Schultze

Eddy: Mike Stack
Dad and Manager of Cafe: Ian Morton
Mom, Sphinx, Waitress #2: Barbara E. Russell
Wife, Doreen, Waitress #1: Stephane Kirkland
Percussionist: David Macanulty

Choreography: Wendy Gorling
Dramaturge: Sheila Stowell
Set Designer: Susan Madsen
Lighting Designer: Del Surjik
Costume Designer: Kim Hogan
Stage Manager: Teresa Vanertuin
Assistant Stage Manager: Donna Mailey



*Jessie Richardson Award:
Outstanding Choreography, Wendy Gorling


Steel Kiss

Playwright: Robin Fulford
Director: Sandhano Schultze

Director's Note:

Reading up on the subject I was shocked to realize how ppressive our society still is today towards homosexuality. 
I was surprised how deep the hatred was. There were friends who were indeed homophobic or felt that gays were victims of a troubled childhood.
I want to dedicate this play to the people whoa re willing to come out and face a society, which would like to extinguish them, with their love and truth. In our society if they were anything but homosexuals showing their true colours would be historic.



Vinegar Tom

Playwright: Caryl Churchill
Director: Martin Millerchip
Musical Director: Angela Gann

Director's Note

I hope I have not angered you by asking you to sit with your own sex. Driving to rehearsal last week I listened in shame to a CBC phone-in-show on International Women's Day. Shame because the federal budget cuts that will see so many womens' centres closed created so much fear. Shame that our province will probably only badges as substitutes. Shame that not one man was heard from during that segment of the show. 100,000 victims were burnt or hung as withces in Germany alone in a 200 year...

Cezanne Syndrome

Playwright: Tom Valeo
Director: Robert Garfat

Gilbert Martineau: Stephen Bland
Thomas Wancicovski: Tim Healy
Her: Sharon Heath


a review from our archives...

By Max Wyman
Theatre Critic

“Warning,” says the pro-gram.  “Live welding.  Please do not look at the flame.” With a set-up like that, any show that’ s less than riveting is going to be in big trouble.


The new Pink Ink Theatre production of The Cezanne Syndrome manages to hold you for its non-stop 90 minutes – though it’s up to you to well the fragments of story into coherent form...

Love on the Plastic

Playwright: Julia Schofield
Director: Sandhano Schultze

*PI fact - This was Del's first show with Pink Ink


Jessie Award Nomination: Outstanding Lighting Design, Del Surjik

a review from our archives...


Love on the Plastic
Written by Julia Schofield
Directed by Sandhano Schultze

Starring members of the Vancouver Little Theatre/Pink Ink Productions

Cheap cut satin and bad perfume, showtime is almost here, Teased up by a strip cartoon, laughing up your sleeve, sniggering in your beer, He’s seen the bottom of a lot of glasses, but he’d never...


Playwright: James Forsyth
Director: Ronnie Way

Cast: Michael Green: Jon Cuthbert
Rosalie Green / Queenie: Rosy Frier Dryden
Screwtape: Ian Black
Wormwood: David Thomson
Mr. Spike / Rex Skinner / John Mortar: Gerry Plunkett
Judy MacAdam: Nona Avren
Slumtimpet: Kate Lancaster
Mr. MacAdam: Roger Crossley
Millicent Brooks: Tish Heaven

Stage Manager: Gina Vandenbergh
Lighting and Set Designer: Scott Richardson
Costume Designer: Shaheera
Sound Designer: Jeff Roganron
Photography: Stephen Mitchell


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