Helen's Necklace

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Helen's Necklace

Helen's Necklace takes place in an unnamed city in the hot Middle East, scarred by recent wars. Helen is in town for a conference, but impulsively extends her visit to find her lost necklace.

This production of Carole Frécehtte's Helen's Necklace was a presentation by the Cultch.

Director: Del Surjik

Starring: Elizabeth McLaughlin and Sanjay Talwar

Live music by Boris Sichon

Set Designer: David Roberts
Lighting Designer: Del Surjik
Assistant Lighting Designer: Kitty Hoffman
Costume Designer: Barbara Clayden
Stage Manager: David Kerr
Assistant Stage Manager: Xanthe Faulkner
Production Manager: Jayson McLean
Phtotographer: Tim Matheson

This production was nominated for three Jessie Richardson Awards including: Outstanding Performance by a Male in a Lead Role (Sanjay Talwar - winner); Outstanding Original Composition (Boris Sichon) and Outstanding Set Design (David Roberts).

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