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Visions of Vancouver

Inspired by the style of old-time radio broadcasting, Visions of Vancouver is a series of four short plays commissioned to celebrate Vancouver's 125th anniversary.

The plays were performed live at CBC Studio 700 in October 2011. Recordings of those live performance are available here free of charge.

Gather the family around the computer and listen together or download them and listen to them on the go. Each play will only be available for six months so listen while you can!


The Thin Veneer by Kevin Loring

The Thin Veneer takes an uncompromising look at what it means to be a Vancouverite through the lens of the Stanley Cup riots of June 2011.

This track is no longer available online.

Carmen Aguirre: Immigrant Mother
Patrick Keating: Police Officer
Jennifer Mawhinney: Woman
Shaker Paleja: Hockey Fan


The Bridge by Michele Riml and Michael St. John Smith

This story is set on the Iron Workers Memorial Second Narrows Crossing where history collides with the present to impact the lives of four people.

This track is no longer available online.

Carmen Aguirre: Virginia
Patrick Keating: Frank
Jennifer Mawhinney: Ellen
Shaker Paleja: Brad


The Deadline by Dennis Foon

A comedy set in a future Vancouver where rising sea levels have caused property developers to build condos in zeppelins, Little Mountain is the most valuable property in the city, and for enough money, anyone can phone and speak to the dead.

This track is no longer available online.

Carmen Aguirre: Mom / Sales Associate
Patrick Keating: Dad / Joseph Gumm / Gandhi
Jennifer Mawhinney: Ricki / Stacey / Marilyn Monroe / Operator
Shaker Paleja: Corey Gumm


Elevate by Adrienne Wong

The story of Sal, a woman who moves in to a downtown high rise condo and despite being surrounded by people, finds herself more alone than ever.

This track is no longer available online.

Carmen Aguirre: Resident / Muffy
Patrick Keating: Strata Postings
Jennifer Mawhinney: Sal
Shaker Paleja: Chris


All Plays: Directed by Richard Wolfe | Sound Design by Chris Hind | Set Design by Jergus Oprsal | Lighting Design by Jeff Harrison | Costume Design by Florence Barrett | Stage Management by Jethelo E. Cabilette | Apprentice Stage Management by Jillian Perry | Production Management by Jeff Harrison | Photography by Paul Campbell and Guntis Grikis | Original Concept by Kevin Teichroeb and Richard Wolfe


Legal Notice

These recordings are the property of Pi Theatre and are provided for private, non-commercial use only. These recordings are protected by copyright. All rights reserved.

Pi Theatre is a member of the Professional Association of Canadian Theatres (PACT) and engages under the Canadian Theatre Agreement. These recordings were created under the jurisdiction of the Canadian Actors' Equity Association and the Union of BC Performers.

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