Director: Sandhano Schultze

Part of the Dancing on the Edge Festival 1995

Catalan Connection

Pi Theatre, in association with, Tant per Tant Saskatoon, PTC Vancouver and Playwrights' Workshop Montreal present: Catalan Connection.

Exploratory readings of plays by three dynamic new voices from Catalonia, Spain.

The primary purpose of this project is to introduce playwrights and their work to audiences and theatre professionals in the international arena and to create interest in producing their plays. We will co-present three discovery readings of three Catalan plays in Vancouver. The plays will also be read in Saskatoon and Montreal and next year three Canadian plays will be read in...

Visions of Vancouver

In the spirit of New York, I Love You, and Paris Je T'Aime, sets of short films inspired by the theme of place, Pi Theatre brings you four short plays inspired by our fair city.

The plays were written by five of Vancouver's most exciting playwrights as part of the Vancouver 125celebrations, Visions of Vancouver is inspired by the style of old-time radio broadcasting.

Pi has created podcasts of the live performances and they are now available to stream or download from our website free of charge here.

Visions of Vancouver


Carmen Aguirre, Patrick Keating, Jennifer Mawhinney and...

Visions of Vancouver

Inspired by the style of old-time radio broadcasting, Visions of Vancouver is a series of four short plays commissioned to celebrate Vancouver's 125th anniversary.

The plays were performed live at CBC Studio 700 in October 2011. Recordings of those live performance are available here free of charge.

Gather the family around the computer and listen together or download them and listen to them on the go. Each play will only be available for six months so listen while you can!


The Thin Veneer by Kevin Loring

The Thin Veneer takes an...

Bashir Lazhar

Pi Theatre kicked off its 2008-2009 season with the Western Canadian premiere of the English translation of Evelyne de la Chenelière's Bashir Lazhar.

Directed by Richard Wolfe
Featuring David Marr

Jessie Richardson Nomination: Outstanding Set Design: Jergus Oprsal
Jessie Richardson Nomination: Outstanding Performance by an Actor in a Lead Role: David Marr

Bashir Lazhar is a substitute teacher from Algeria who must bring his grade six class through a trauma that mirrors his own. This celebration of courage is told with humour and conviction in a new translation by Morwyn Brebner...

John & Beatrice

Pi Theatre Productions and Persephone Theatre present the return engagement of Carole Fréchette's John & Beatrice, directed by Del Surjik and starring Vincent Gale and Patricia Drake.

Nominated for four Jessie Richardson Awards including Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Director and Best Production, Pi Theatre's John & Beatrice is back by popular demand. Vincent Gale reprises his Jessie-nominated performance alongside Patricia Drake who takes over the role of Beatrice in this highly acclaimed modern fairytale that explores the challenges of making a romantic connection in today's...

Pi Theatre, with the PuSh International Performing Arts Festival and Touchstone Theatre presents a Native Earth Performing Arts production of Daniel David Moses's Almighty Voice and His Wife.

Written in 1991, Almighty Voice and His Wife tells the story of a Cree man, jailed for killing a cow without a license for his wedding feast. Upon threat of hanging, Almighty Voice escaped, leading to a man hunt that lasted over a year. In the process, Almighty Voice became a martyr and a legend.

Part love story, part minstrel show, Almighty Voice and His Wife is by turns heartwarming, shocking...

A Place Called Whisper

Launched Oct 27, 2011, Obstructions continues to test the theory that creativity feeds on limits, as organized and produced by the Progress Lab of indie theatre-makers!

Each participating Obstructions company submits to to a list of obstructions delivered by a shadowy emcee who will command them to create their next production around limitations inspired in part by The Five Obstructions by Jørgen Leth and Lars Von Trier. The obstructions for each company are developed in secret by their peers - a custom-designed set of obstacles that will prompt each artist to adapt to a new approach to making...


Pi Theatre is bravely rising to the challenge presented by our peers. We've received our obstructions and now, we're going to create theatre for children!

Part of Progress Lab's wildly popular Obstructions series, saw Pi creating a piece according to the following parameters:

  • Pi must make a show for an audience of young children with at least one child under 12 in the cast.
  • The piece must incorporate use of structured improvisation and audience participation.
  • It must be unsophisticated.

A Place Called Whisper: Circus of Stolen Dreams played to sold-out houses for two performances only, the...


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