Arabian Night

On a summer night of stifling and charged heat, five occupants of two adjacent condo towers find their dreams, both romantic and erotic, combining to become tinged with the panic of nightmares.  In a twist on the Arabian Tales, a Sleeping Beauty lies on the 7th floor, entrapping tenants in an unwilling carpet ride manufactured from the fabric of her cursed dreams.  Eros and Death become sensually entwined in a manner that is hypnotic in its power and exhilarating in its terror.   

Arabian Night was written by Roland Schimmelpfennig and translated by David Tushingham. 

This production was co-produced...


Inspired by a wake in a Belorussian village, Werewolves has a possessed and frightening intensity that evokes an Old World spell in its capacity to dissolve the boundaries between the physical, mental, and spiritual worlds. Realism gives way to the fantastic. A wake transforms into a wedding. Mantraps are made – and used. And these events draw not only the attendance of neighbors, but also of three frightening strangers.

Director: Tammy Isaacson

Starring: Tara Goertzen, Ian Harmon, Richard Heaven, Adam Lolacher, Cat Main, David Newham, Jane Noble, Ashley O’Connell, Shana Orlowsky, Liana...


The coldest night of the year. An empty café. The only things that pour more freely than the wine are blood and comedy. Canadian playwright George Hunka fuses elements of absurdity, grotesquery, and farce into a crazy-quilt parallel universe in which nothing is quite what it seems.

Director: Del Surjik

Starring: Sarah Deakins, David Marr and James O'Shea
Set Designer: David Roberts
Lighting Designer: John Webber
Sound Designer: Patrick Pennefather
Projection Designer: Tim Matheson
Costume Designer: Sheila White
Stage Manager: Peter Jotkus
Production Manager: Jayson McLean
Photographer: Tim...


Carnage is an absurdest comedy that explores our exposure to sex and violence on TV. Disgustingly and horrifyingly funny.

Director: Tammy Isaacson

Starring: Melanie Yeats, Billy Marchenski, Josue Laboucane, Niki Brown, Melissa Robertson, Marisa Smith, Matt Ellis, Ryan Egan, Donna Soares, shana Orlowsky, Daniel Martin

Set Designer: John Popkin
Props and Venue Designer: Niki Boyd
Costume Designer: Karen Mirfield
Projection Designer: Jamie Nesbitt
Lighting Designer: Darren Boquist
Sound Designer: Joel Etkin
Assistant Director: Carol Mann
Stage Manager: Amber Cruikshank
Assistant Stage Manager...

Helen's Necklace

Helen's Necklace takes place in an unnamed city in the hot Middle East, scarred by recent wars. Helen is in town for a conference, but impulsively extends her visit to find her lost necklace.

This production of Carole Frécehtte's Helen's Necklace was a presentation by the Cultch.

Director: Del Surjik

Starring: Elizabeth McLaughlin and Sanjay Talwar

Live music by Boris Sichon

Set Designer: David Roberts
Lighting Designer: Del Surjik
Assistant Lighting Designer: Kitty Hoffman
Costume Designer: Barbara Clayden
Stage Manager: David Kerr
Assistant Stage Manager: Xanthe Faulkner
Production Manager...

Shopping and Fucking

Shopping and Fucking by Mark Ravenhill takes a sordid and witty look at a corrosive, disposable world whose values have been determined by a disinherited generation. A group of young twenty-somethings sell drugs, sex and what is left of their souls to survive.

Shopping and Fucking was co-produced with Ruby Slippers Theatre.

Co-Directors: Del Surjik and Diane Brown.

Starring: Anna Cummer, Tom Scholte, Robert Moloney, Anthony Johnston and Dean Paul Gibson.

Set Designer: David Roberts
Lighting Designer: John Webber
Sound Designer: Jason Whyte
Costume Designer: Rebekka Sorensen
Properties: Erinne...

Cloud Tectonics

Jose Rivera's Cloud Tectonics is an enchanting and haunting love story, a magic realist tale of boy meets girl, in which the ordinary is transformed into the miraculous.  Meet Celestina del Sol, a rare and heavenly creature; a mystic wanderer with no sense of time and an infinite capacity to love.  

Cloud Tectonics was produced in association with the Vancouver Playhouse.

Director: Bill Dow

Featuring: Michael Scholar Jr., Carmen Aguirre and Alexander Ferguson

Co-Set Designers: Bryan Pollock and Del Surjik
Lighting Designer: Del Surjik
Sound Designer: Amos Hertzman
Costume Designer: Barbara...

Elisa's Skin

A woman sits in a Brussels café, telling delicate tales of love. She insists on the minute and most intimate details: the beating heart, the sweaty palms, the skin that shivers to the touch. Little by little, through her portraits, she reveals what it is that drives her to tell stories and lets us in on the strange secret, shared with her one day by a young man in a coffee shop.

Carole Fréchette's Elisa's Skin was performed in Vancouver and taken on tour including at the National Arts Centre as part of The Magnetic North Theatre Festival in 2005.

Starring: Marie Stillin
With (at different...

Mump and Smoot in Flux


Mump & Smoot are in flux as they return to the Ummonian wilderness they love so much, in search of spiritual renewal. Here, they hope to achieve a sense of balance in their hectic yet always adventurous existence so they can successfully deal with their ever-crumbling world. Throughout this journey their abilities to survive emotionally, spiritually, and physically are put to the test.

Co-Writers & Creators: Michael Kennard & John Turner 
Director: Karen Hines 

Mump: Michael Kennard
Smoot: John Turner

Disco Pigs

Playwright Enda Walsh's high energy joy-ride Disco Pigs was originally staged in Cork, Ireland by Corcadorca Theatre. Two Irish kids, Pig and Runt are born at almost the same time in the same Dublin hospital - spiritual twins of different mothers - and grow up next door to each other. Insulated by their devotion to each other, the pair forge an almost telepathic bond while their intense relationship is expressed in a language that becomes aggressive, angular and deformed.

Director: Del Surjik.

Featuring: Kevin MacDonald and Jennifer Mawhinney

Set and Lighting Designer: Owen Schellenberger...


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