Pi teams up with Vancity Theatre to present a very special screening of INTERMISSION, a movie written by Mark O'Rowe that Leonard Maltin calls "FEROCIOUS, FRESH AND FUNNY".

The film will be Introduced by Richard Wolfe, artistic director of Pi Theatre.


Feb 19 -  08:30 pm
(2003, 106 mins, 35mm)

In the tradition of Irish black comedies like "In Bruges" and "The Guard", this was the first screenplay by playwright Mark O’Rowe. From its gobsmacking opening to the bravura climax, it's a movie with such verve, energy and surprise it will knock you sideways. One of those films where strangers’ destinies crisscross, it offers the excitement of a thriller and more laughs than most comedies. Cillian Murphy (28 Days Later; Batman Begins) is John, who has split up with Deirdre (Macdonald, from Boardwalk Empire) because she didn’t refuse when he suggested it. Now she’s seeing Sam, a banker, and John doesn’t like it a bit. So when hardman Lahiff (Colin Farrell) suggest a spot of robbing (with payback on top) John’s there. In the middle of it all is Colm Meaney’s Jerry, one of Dublin’s finest, a policeman who models himself on Dirty Harry.

The excellent soundtrack features early U2, Magnetic Fields and Ron Sexsmith.

Presented with Vancity Theatre




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