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SFU Panel

On March 31, 2016, Pi hosted a panel discussion at SFU on Auditing Terrorism.

This event as produced in partnership with SFU's Office of Community Engagement.

Pi - Fearless Theatre

In the winter of 2015, Pi worked closely with filmmaker Holly Hofmann to create a promotional video that demonstrated who the company really is. With the assistance of Cineworks and Telus for additional support, we are excited to present to you, our short film.

We'd like to thank Holly, Cameron, Cineworks, Telus and everyone who helped create and was featured in the film.

Blasted by Sarah Kane opens on April 11th! Are you ready to be Blasted?
Find out more information here or get your tickets here.


In this interview, director Richard Wolfe talks about Sarah Kane's Blasted, both the content of her play as well as the Pi Theatre production.