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Connie Kostiuk & Richard Wolfe, Jane Westheuser, Corey Ouellet, Rob Maguire, Ioana Birleanu, Adara Goldberg, Barbara Heller and Michael Karton, Fran Goldberg, Dawn Padget, Kaitlyn Jackson, Craig Jackson, Shayna Goldberg, Del Surjik, Johnna Wright, Ben Unterman, Fred Bantados, Evelyn Harden, Linda Pitt, M K Barclay, George and Rita Plawski, Paul Campbell, Kristen Johnson, David Kerr, DD Kugler, Virginia Cooke, Diane Kent, Kathryn Shaw, Ken Gracie and Philip Waddell, Andrew McIIroy, Jane Heyman, Jane Flick & Robert Heidbreder, Malcolm Page, Kathleen Flaherty, Scott Miller, Elizabeth Snow, Rena Cohen, Ian Fenwick, Karen Likness, Richard Cavell, Maria Denholme, Deb Williams, Judith Coffin, Peter Dickinson, Jacob Kojfman, Owen Bruce Jackson, Alma McDonald, Keltie Forsyth, Erin Reddekopp, Melody Ma, Andrew Ip, Brian Yan Muk, Pamela Hawthorn, Sheri Goldberg, Norman Armour, Karen Chong, Bill Gibson, Lise Pitt, Marlie Oden, Julia Mackey and Dirk Van Stralen - in memory of Timothy Brian Sutherland, Alison Kelly, Jay Ono, Karen Roller and anonymous. We'd also like to thank Jimmy's Beer and Wine, Pazzo Chow, Roost Cafe-Bistro, and acknowledge the financial assistance of the province of BC through BC Gaming and the Edith Lando Charitable Foundation.

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