Pi Day Donations!

Pi Day

March 14 (3.14) is Pi Day! It's a day to celebrate the mathematical symbol and Vancouver's favourite fearless theatre company. In honour of Pi Day, we've decided to reach out to everyone we know to ask for something simple - a $3.14 donation! Seriously, it's less than a drip coffee at some places.

We want to make it to 314 "pi-sized" donations by March 14. 314 donations of $3.14 equals $985.96 - it really add up!

For your donation, you'll also be entered into a draw to win a delicious pie, which you know you want. Want more entries in the draw? Donate and then share on Facebook or Twitter to all of your friends!

Make your donation between March 1st and 14th and who knows, you might be enjoying some pie while reciting pi.


Help Pi reach its goal of $2,750 in its matching campaign this fall!


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