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What We Do

Pi's Mission: To produce bold and uncompromising theatre that’s intellectually alive and emotionally charged.  To create social moments and community connections around the work, and to invest in impactful art & artists in order to challenge sensitivities and generate conversation.

Artistic Vision: Pi will continue to be a valued and supported community asset that contributes to Vancouver's intellectual and artistic quality of life through the curation and production of challenging theatre with social and cultural relevance. 

Our Values Are To Be:

Inspirational - We seek to fuel the imagination.

Fearless - We work with courage, choosing pieces that encourage alternative approaches and perspectives.

Provocative - We do stimulating work with social and cultural relevance.

Excellent - We create an environment where individuals can excel while developing their skills and talents.

Intelligent - We build organizational capacity with thoughtful processes and procedures.

Content Advisory

Pi Theatre produces and presents bold and uncompromising theatrical experiences that are both intellectually alive and emotionally charged. We do not offer specific advisories about subject matter as sensitivities differ widely from person to person. If you have any questions about content, age-appropriateness, stage effects or anything else, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 604.872.1861. 

Harassment Policy

Pi Theatre is committed to providing a workplace free of harassment of any kind, where all individuals are treated with respect and provided equal opportunities. Pi will not tolerate any form of discrimination and we will offer support to those who are treated disrespectfully. We strive to facilitate a space where all members, patrons, artists and employees feel safe and comfortable.

Inclusion Policy Statement

Pi Theatre is invested in the continuing work of creating an inclusive, diverse, and caring theatre. We believe we have a responsibility to reflect Canada’s diversity on stage and behind the scenes, and to that end we’re committed to the fundamental work of supporting artists, employees and audience members from all cultural backgrounds and lived experiences. We believe there is an essential value in audience members seeing the world around them reflected onstage. We also believe that everyone should be given an opportunity to empathize and connect with experiences that are different from their own.

To stimulate those opportunities, Pi is committed to creating an equitable, and inclusive workplace environment where employees and artists feel welcome and respected. At the same time we encourage everyone to welcome and respect persons around them.

Pi believes an inclusive theatre promotes new perspectives, strengthens engagement and is an important and effective path towards empathy.

A Little More About Us

Founded in 1984, Pi is now under the leadership of Artistic Director Richard Wolfe. Pi runs Prime Placements, a mentorship program for emerging artists and cultural workers. We are committed to accessibility in our work, and support our community with discounted tickets.

Since the company’s inception, we have produced over 100 shows and events. Our peers have recognized Pi and its collaborators with 34 Jessie Richardson Awards and 116 nominations for outstanding artistic achievement in Vancouver professional theatre. Click here to check out some of our past shows.

Pi is a member of the Alliance for Arts and Culture, the Greater Vancouver Professional Theatre Alliance, Progress Lab, and a full member of the Professional Association of Canadian Theatres.

Pi's Charitable Number is 894730159 RR0001


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