Join us in the quest for happiness! 

May 18th - May 22nd

The Culture Lab, The Cultch, 1895 Venables St, Vancouver 

More information and TICKETS here.

Pi Theatre is excited to be presenting partners on Happiness TM by Ottawa's May Can Theatre at The Revolver Festival. 

Happiness™is the self-help seminar for anyone who’s ever wanted it all (and is willing to pay for it!). Gather to experience the launch of The Infinity Line™ - HPL™’s answer to universal unhappiness - hosted by two of the company’s most revered spokesmen: James ‘when-life-gives-you-a’ Lemon and Peter ‘more-fun-than-monkeys-in-a...

Linda Pitt

Hello Pi lovers,

My name is Linda Pitt and I am joining Pi as the Associate Producer, through a BC Arts Council Early Career Development grant.

My journey with Pi started around this time last year when I joined Pi as the Community and Audience Engagement Coordinator for Blasted. I also had the opportunity to assistant direct the production. Working on Blasted was a hugely rewarding learning experience for me, both as an emerging artist and administrator. It solidified my commitment to create and support work that is thought provoking, risky and that expands people’s notions of what theatre...

Pi - Fearless Theatre

2015-2015 is Pi's 31st year, and it will be just as big as our 30th was!

With two shows in development, one event series, and one large production - without even including all of our engagement events - we are going to have a busy year.

We cannot wait to get started, so we hope that you join us at our first event of the season, Lost Words on Tuesday October 13th. 

Check out all of our show and event pages, as well as our season brochure here:

PDF icon Download brochure for website.pdf (3.05 MB)

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