The next production we’re going to revisit in our Throwback Thursdays is Aunt Dan and Lemon.

This show, produced in 1989, takes us into the world of the young recluse, Lemon, so nicknamed by her parents’ friend, Aunt Dan. The relationship that develops between Lemon and Aunt Dan forms the focus of this play about political orientation and the allure of certain ideas – even when they lead to murder.

Aunt Dan and Lemon won a Jessie award for Outstanding Performance (lead), and received nominations for Outstanding Direction and Performance (supporting).

The show was a co-production with the...

Since 2015 marks the 20 year anniversary from the premiere
of Blasted, we thought that we should celebrate Sarah Kane and everything that she contributed to theatre history, as well as the work that she inspired! That's why we are hosting the Sarah Kane Salon, where we’ll be welcoming members of the community to explore
Kane’s work through performance.

We’re looking for some Pi fans who want to get involved! Do you want to try your hand at performing a piece from another Sarah Kane play, exhibit a painting, or present a poem, dance / movement number, or a piece of music that you feel...

Pi is proud to be producing Sarah Kane's Blasted in 2015. This show will mark the 20th anniversary of the play's 1995 production at the Royal Court Theatre in London. When it first premiered, it was highly controversial and made headlines as a play that was just meant to shock audiences. However, Blasted now seems more at home in the present than it ever has in the past.

For those of you that don't know the story, it opens in a hotel room with a middle-aged alcoholic, foul-mouthed journalist and a young woman he is trying to seduce. The abusive relationship is thrown into a tailspin with the...

And to continue with the remainder of our Board of Directors, we have another director who joined Pi at our 2013 AGM, Fred Bantados. Fred is an operations manager for a technology company.

Fred couldn’t settle on his favourite theatre experience, but we thought that instead we would share what brought him to Pi in the first place. He was looking for a board to join, but wanted to find one that connected to him. That was when he saw our name and logo, and he was sold! We're thrilled to have Fred be a part of our Pi family.

Now we come to the newest directors on Pi's board. These two ladies...

And now we'll continue introducing our Board of Directors.

Our Secretary, Dawn Padget, is our longest standing director who joined the board in January 2011. Dawn is also a production secretary with a local theatre company.

Dawn's favourite experience is being involved with theatre every day through her job!

Our Treasurer, Craig Jackson. Craig is a senior auditor with an accounting firm, and he joined with Kaitlyn and Corey in December 2013.

Craig’s favourite theatre experience so far was seeing Book of Mormon, and he definitely recommends it to everyone.

Next up is Joseph Bardsley, a member...

Since we have received our 30th anniversary mark, we decided to take a look back at the many productions that Pi has worked on over the years. Ever few Thursday we will post a blog that revisits Pi's past.


If we start at the beginning, the company was founded as Pink Ink Co-op in 1984 by Sandhano Schultze. He has decided to put on a production here in Vancouver that he had successfully presented in Germany in the past. Ratz by Peter Turrini was translated by the cast and crew, and was the first production by the newly established company in 1985. To make this show possible, Pink Ink took over...

Pi recently held our 2014 AGM on November 24th with PTC, and in addition to holding two full AGMs in just over half an hour, we also welcomed some new members to our board of directors.

We thought we would introduce all of our directors and let them tell you a little about themselves. For our first blog post, they will talk about their favourite theatre experience.

Starting at the top, please meet our board President, Rob Maguire. Rob is an arts marketing consultant that has been with Pi since January 2013.

"One of my most memorable theatre experiences came in high school, where I was the...

Today is Giving Tuesday, a global day dedicated to giving and volunteering. This day is about taking some of those savings from your Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, and donating them to a charity, like Pi.

This year, we are challenging YOU to get involved. Your financial commitment or time (or both!) will go a long way to helping bring Sarah Kane's Blasted to life on the stage.

Giving is so simple! You head to Canada Helps and select Donate Now, or click the button on the left side of this page, and if you give today, Interac will be matching donations made using Interac Online. They'll...

Are you ready to hear about our show? Well, you’re in luck because we are ready to announce the cast!

For the role of Ian, we are thrilled to welcome Michael Kopsa.

Next we have our Cate, who will be played by Cherise Clarke.

And last, but not least, the role of the soldier will be conquered by Raresh DiMofte.


Stay tuned for the introduction to the rest of the Blasted team!

There is so much great theatre to experience in Vancouver, and now
that things have quieted down for the moment at Pi, that frees you up
to take in as much theatre as you desire. A few upcoming shows that
we suggest are as follows:

One of Pi's own board members Christine Quintana wrote and is performing in a recession-era musical. Delinquent Theatre is proud to present Stationary: a Recession Era Musical playing at the Presentation House Theatre April 4-14.

Stationary explores the lives of 8 young people at a moment when big dreams meet reality checks. Saddled with crippling student loan debts...


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