Simon Ogden over at The Next Stage has just posted a video of Director Del Surjik talking about John & Beatrice. Take a look!

We’re very excited to announce our Singles Night event for John & Beatrice!

Beatrice goes to some very unusual lengths to find a date but we make it easy for you—just come to our Singles Night on Friday, May 8! Enjoy the show, and then stick around afterwards for our Mixer on the lovely 8th floor terrace at the PAL Vancouver Theatre.

Not single? Spread the word to your single friends - here's a great way to meet people who share your interest in independent theatre!

Pi Theatre depends on volunteers in many areas - production assistance, ushering, administration, fundraising expertise, marketing wizardry, tech support and board leadership, just to name a few. But these people don't just pitch in to get things done, they also offer moral support, and help us keep our energy up and our spirits high.

So, in honour of Volunteer Week, a great big THANK YOU to all of you - you know who you are, and we're thrilled you're there!

If you don't volunteer with Pi, give it some thought - we'd love to have you join our team. Just drop us a line.

Rehearsals for John & Beatrice started last week and we are all abuzz with excitement around here about this show.

We're happy to announce an Early Bird discount for the show: $5 off if you buy your tickets before April 30!

And, we did a photoshoot last week. Here are some of the best shots (all photos by Ken Bryant).

As part of our front of house display for Bashir Lazhar, we had a Migration Map in the theatre lobby. Audiences were invited to place a pin in the map where their journeys began. Here are some shots of how it looked on closing night:

It was very interesting to see where there were clusters and where there were no pins!

Denis Dutton, a New Zealand philosopher, suggests that we have an 'art instinct', just like Steven Pinker has argued that we have an instinct for the development for language. His book, The Art Instinct: Beauty, Pleasure, and Human Evolution, proposes that our desire for beauty has an evolutionary explanation, a product of our struggle to survive and reproduce.  Apparently, art is one of the few things (along with language, religion, and social structures) found in all human cultures the world over.

Here are some snaps from our opening night reception for Bashir Lazhar.


Heather Cant & Jamie Nesbitt

Heather Cant & Jamie Nesbitt


David Marr, still in disguise

David Marr, still in disguise

(All photos by Jergus Oprsal.)

Jo Ledingham of the Vancouver Courier was “struck by the courage of refugees” and “tremendously impressed by Marr's 70-minute solo performance. Marr is one of those rave-worthy virtuosic performers... incomparable. Bashir Lazhar feels distinctly Quebecois. That, in itself, may be reason enough to see it.”

Bashir Lazhar closes this Saturday - don't miss it!  Tickets at Tickets Tonight. There are shows each night from Tuesday-Saturday at 8PM, and there's a matinee on Saturday the 21st at 2PM.

After three weeks of rehearsals, several days of tech and a successful opening, Bashir Lazhar is up and running! Since this is my first time working on a professional show as an assistant stage manager, I thought I would give some insight into my experience, now that the hard part is over. Not that I’m saying this experience has been hard, quite the opposite—if it was hard, I was having too much fun to be thinking about it! To be honest, even before rehearsals started, the thought never crossed my mind that working on this show would be any different from the shows I worked on while studying...

Pi Theatre's Bashir Lazhar opened this weekend and David Marr's performance is getting a lot of attention.

"The subject matter is as intriguing as the people behind it."
-Georgia Straight

"Marr maps out this brilliant bit of writing (and translation) with elan...Haunting. Charming. Mesmerizing. Powerful...David Marr's solo performance in Bashir Lazhar is one class act"! -Peter Birnie, Vancouver Sun

Read the rest of Birnie's glowing review here.

Don't miss this incredible performance! Tickets available through or by phone: 604.684.2787.


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