Bashir Lazhar is this week's Arts Choice in the Georgia Straight! Here's what they have to say about the show:

The subject matter is as intriguing as the people behind it. In Pi Theatre’s Bashir Lazhar—opening tonight (March 5) at Performance Works and running until March 21—an Algerian refugee finds himself instructing a Grade 6 class that’s dealing with the tragic loss of its previous teacher. A portrait that’s been praised for its sensitivity to the experiences of new Canadians, the one-man play was written by Quebec’s Evelyne de la Chenelière and translated by hit Hogtown playwright Morwyn...

Here's an interview that Andrea Loewen of Vancouver Events Blog UQ events did yesterday with Richard Wolfe, director of Bashir Lazhar.

Here are some sneak peeks at our set, from the build last week, at the Great Northern Way Scene Shop.

Carpenter Steve

Carpenter Steve

Elisha, our Technical Director

Elisha, our Technical Director

(Set design by Jergus Oprsal, photos by Ken Bryant)

An immigration lawyer/actor has written a course that 'teaches lawyers to become better storytellers through theatrical techniques', hosted by Minneapolis' Guthrie Theatre. Very interesting!

Meanwhile, Pi Theatre's upcoming production of Bashir Lazhar is chronicled in Canadian Immigrant Magazine.

Join us for the World Theatre Day matinée of Bashir Lazhar on March 8. Tickets are only $18.  

World Theatre Day is celebrated every year on March 27, and is sponsored by The International Theatre Institute. The ITI is an international non-governmental organization that was founded in Prague in 1948 by UNESCO and the international theatre community.  The ITI aims "to promote international exchange of knowledge and practice in theatre arts (drama, dance, music theatre) in order to consolidate peace and solidarity  between peoples, to deepen mutual understanding and  increase creative co-operation...

Simon Ogden at The Next Stage has just posted an interview with Richard Wolfe, Pi's Artistic Director and Director of Bashir Lazhar. Check it out here!

There's been a lot of talk lately about the impending extinction of print media. Canwest recently cut 560 jobs (although many may have been in TV) and are facing serious financial woes, and similar echoes are being heard throughout the industry.  

I was very interested to see that the Georgia Straight recently hired a former Sun columnist, Lloyd Dykk. Seems like the more community-based papers with local content are still going strong.

In theatre, this has big implications for our communications strategies. Shrinking papers means shrinking print media coverage of our shows.  The Globe and Mail...

Rehearsals are continuing for the second ever English language production of Bashir Lazhar (the first was at the Tarragon in November). With one week to go before we get into the theatre, I'm happy to be able to post a very positive blog. The rehearsal room is alive with the power of the show and vibrating with the energy of actor David Marr as he takes on the mantle of this very complex and at times, contradictory character. The depth and breadth of the moments that the character lives through in the course of his 70 minutes on stage are expanding as we move through the rehearsal process. It...

Here are some more shots from rehearsal for Bashir Lazhar.

Some of David Marr, who plays Bashir:

Director Richard Wolfe, looking uncharacteristically sinister:

SMs DK and Annie:


(All photos by Ken Bryant.)

This season, we're offering free tickets to our members for the first week of each of our shows, in order to ensure our work is accessible to all audience members.

If you’re one of the first 20 people in line at the door for Bashir Lazhar March 5-8, just present your Pi Theatre membership card and photo identification, and you’ll receive free admission. Membership is just $3.14, and can be purchased online ahead of time, or at the door.

Read more about the show here.


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