A short film by Terminus writer Mark O'Rowe. Starring Patrick Stewart! (There is adult language and violence so please only watch if you won't be offended by that sort of thing.)

Thank you to everyone who came out to play with us this weekend at our Obstructions show A Place Called Whisper, especially our friends in Progress Lab who helped create such a wonderful atmosphere of happy chaos. The generosity of this community is humbling. Richard will be posting a longer blog on the process soon but these pictures (by Jeff Harrison) were too good to not share today.

Richard Wolfe and Taylor Dianne Robinson

Richard Wolfe and Taylor Dianne Robinson

The Dance Party

The Dance Party

Susan Bertoia and Taylor Dianne Robinson

VACT president Tetsuro Shigematsu, JJ Lee, Richard Wolfe

VACT president Tetsuro Shigematsu, author JJ Lee and    Richard Wolfe

Friday night saw a nearly sold out reading of the first stage adaptation of JJ Lee's Governor General Award nominated mémoire about a father, a son and a suit. The part of JJ was performed by Raugi Yu. I directed the reading.  It was a honour to be asked to participate and I look forward to seeing the project move forward to its next stage of development.

We had a great time on Tuesday at AGMapalooza, participating for the first time! It's always an exciting evening hearing what our wonderful and creative friends have planned. Our friends at Rumble told us about their plan to stage Dante's Inferno in five minutes in an elevator, Leaky Heaven are doing theatre in the wilderness, and The Only Animal are creating a waterpark Lord of the Flies! We have so much wonderful theatre to look forward to.

One of the beautiful cookies board chair Ben brought to the party.

Terminus writer Mark O'Rowe's latest film Broken leads the pack at this year's British Independent Film Awards with nine nominations. O'Rowe has been nominated for Best Screenplay, after being nominated in the same category last month for a European Film Academy Award.

Cillian Murphy, who also worked on O'Rowe's cult hit Intermission, is up for Best Supporting Actor, for his role as the teacher of a troubled young girl.

Other nominations for Broken include Best Film, Best Director, Best Debut Director, Best Supporting Actor (Roy Kinnear), Best Actor (Tim Roth), Most Promising Newcomer (Eloise...

Richard Wolfe was on-stage this past Saturday, June 30th, to receive Pi's obstructions for a performance scheduled to take place on Saturday, November 24th.

The obstructions are:

1. Pi must make a show for an audience of young children with at least one child under the age of 12 in the cast.

2. The piece must incorporate use of structured improvisation and audience participation.

3. It must be unsophisticated.

Richard is looking forward to the challenge and has already ordered several whoopee-cushions and a crate of Double Bubble to provide inspiration.

Saturday night's show was the second in...

I was recently fortunate enough to be able to attend the Istanbul Theatre Festival. I'm a big fan of seeing theatre in languages I don't understand as it forces me to pay attention and allows me to see things in the show that I would probably miss if I were focussed on the language. (Purchasing tickets is always a challenge but that just adds to the experience.)

One of the shows I saw was by Tiyatro Artı, who play with alternative staging techniques. After a bit of an adventure getting to the venue (the address Google maps gave me was to an apartment, where thankfully some very kind exchange...

Adam Henderson and Richard Wolfe

Adam Henderson and Richard Wolfe

BLiNK May 2012

BLiNK May 2012

The latest installment of BLiNK, Leaky Heaven Circus' performance for the modern attention span, happened last Saturday (May 19) at the Russian Hall.

Blink is an evening of small performance pieces one-minute or less. There's no restriction on content, just on time. I had a lot of fun participating for the second year in a row, this time with a piece called A Lesson on How to Create a Profitable Start Up by Boss Mangan from George Bernard Shaw's play Heartbreak House.

I was joined on stage by the inimitable Adam Henderson.

It was a great night...

PACT President Eric Coates Has Something to Say

PACT President Eric Coates Has Something to Say

PACT PD Manager Boomer Stacey Listens Intently

PACT PD Manager Boomer Stacey Listens Intently

The 35th annual PACT conference was held in Grand Bend Ontario last week. Pi was fully represented by myself and our GM Becky Low. The conference was a wonderful opportunity to see colleagues we rarely get to see, talk theatre, engage in fabulous PD sessions and, in the end (this being a ratification year) vote on whether or not to accept recommendations to ratify the CTA.

The conference was called Being Alone - Becoming Many.

As written by PACT PD manager Boomer Stacey, "this statement resonates for...

We were very excited last week to receive the full reinstatement of our Community Gaming funding for our 2011-2012 year. We'd like to thank everyone who worked so hard for the reinstatement of adult arts and culture funding eligibility. This financial support allows Pi alone to offer employment to over thirty artists and arts workers, and to provide accessible theatre to hundreds of British Columbians. This stream of funding has an overwhelmingly positive impact on the community as a whole.

A sincere thank you to Minister Ida Chong and Premier Christy Clark for the roles they had in the...


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