Hi, I’m Tilly, and I’m the new Prime Placement administration intern at Pi Theatre! I thought I’d use this blog post to tell you a bit about myself and my background, and the things I’ve been learning and doing during my first few weeks with Pi.

I’m from the UK and I’m in Canada on a 12 month working holiday visa. I came to Canada because it was a country I had always wanted to visit as a tourist, and I was also interested in learning about Canadian theatre, having heard that Vancouver had an especially creative and thriving theatre community. I have worked in various capacities as a freelance...

This weekend the Playwright’s Theatre Centre on Granville Island was the venue for Catalan Connection – readings of three plays from Catalonia, Spain, presented by Pi Theatre, Tant per Tant Saskatoon, PTC Vancouver, and Playwrights’ Workshop Montreal. The purpose of the project was to introduce the playwrights and their work to international audiences and theatre professionals. The playwrights and creative team from Tant per Tant had already rehearsed and read each play in Saskatoon, so Vancouver was their second stop on the tour. They had a day and half to rehearse each piece with a group of...

Alessandro Juliani as Frog in after the quake photo by Ken Bryant

Alessandro Juliani as Frog in after the quake photo by Ken Bryant

Prepare yourself to enter the disrupted reality of after the quake. Based on Haruki Murakami’s short stories “Honey Pie” and “Superfrog Saves Tokyo”, Rumble Productions and Pi Theatre bring to The Cultch a remarkable production full of wonder. Touching on traumatic historical events in Tokyo, fantastic characters explore hope and healing while sweeping you into a world of super frogs and talking bears. This dream-like production will leave you in awe of the power of imagination and the strength of the human spirit. Running from...

We’re thrilled to have been asked by Heather Redfern, ED of the Cultch, to open their 2010 / 2011 season. For those who didn’t see the show last year,  after the quake is a theatrical adaptation of two short stories (Superfrog Saves Tokyo and Honey Pie) by Haruki Murakami. They are both from the collection entitled after the quake and are set in the months that fell between the Kobe earthquake and the sarin gas attacks on Tokyo subway. They present a world marked by despair, hope, and a kind of human instinct for transformation. The adaptation was done by Frank Galati of Steppenwolf Theatre in...

Pi Artistic Director Richard Wolfe reads at the Word on the Street Festival

Pi Artistic Director Richard Wolfe reads at the Word on the Street Festival

This past Sunday, September 26th, Pi took part in the annual Word on the Street festival in Library Square. Our Artistic Director Richard Wolfe treated audiences to a sneak peak of Haruki Murakami's work with readings from after the quake, the collection of short stories on which our fall production was based.

The Word on the Street Festival is dedicated to promoting reading and literacy throughout the community. Every year poets, authors, exhibitors, publishers, performers and readers of all ages converge on Library...

Pi Dinner Circle

Pi Dinner Circle

On August 27th, Pi hosted our first ever Pi Dinner Circle. 16 lucky guests enjoyed a spectacular six course meal under the stars in the beautiful rooftop garden of the Performing Arts Lodge. Hosted by our Artistic Director Richard Wolfe, guests enjoyed wine and conversation by candlelight. As a special treat, emerging violinist Mecca Menard played a brief program during appetizers. Pi would like to thank everyone who attended for coming out to support us. Money raised on the evening will go directly to our programming for our 2010-2011 season. We are already looking forward...

Production Manager and Technical Director Stacy Sherlock writes about her experience working on our production of House/Home at HIVE as part of our Prime Placements Program:

As I walked into the Pi office yesterday, a great feeling of accomplishment washed over me as I handed in the final budget. I did it! I completed my first professional production as a technical director/production manager and as a team we achieved this amazing project within our budget. What a fantastic feeling!!! HIVE was simply an amazing learning adventure.

I had first encountered the HIVE experience while attending the...

Assistant Stage Manager Lois Dawson writes about her experience working on our production of House/Home at HIVE as part of our Prime Placements Program:

I intended to sit down two weeks ago and write this in depth blog post that talked about the show we were creating and how it fit into the greater conversation that's happening about devised theatre, but obviously that didn't happen. (But you should still check out the conversation on devised work, especially the Arena Stage Convening.

Instead I find myself sitting here at my computer on closing night, thinking about what a fantastic journey...

Roxana Chapela designed the set for our production of House/Home at HIVE as part of our Prime Placements Program. Here’s what she has to say about the show:

AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE! I really enjoyed the creative process in which Richard Wolfe led us towards making this piece. We made it by exploring our own feelings about being at home and I can tell this play has a bit of everyone that was involved in it. I had a really good time during the whole process and in the end I'm pleased to say that I learned a lot from everyone in my team.

The artistic concept was all about home and perception. This...

Todd Thomson is The Man in our upcoming production of House/Home at Hive. He took some time out of his busy rehearsal schedule to write a bit about his experience in the show:

HIVE THREE!!!  AMAZING!  Hive represents an unparalleled opportunity for artists from all disciplines of theatre (lighting, set-design, costumes, stage-management, acting, directing, etc, etc, etc,) to come together and create theatre.  For me, the feeling of camaraderie and unity that Hive engenders among artists is what makes this event so unique and praiseworthy.

Theatre creation can be a “sticky-bit-of-business.”  My...


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