Playwright: Samuel Beckett

Director: Sandhano Schultze
Stage Manager: Ekta Nadeau

Director's notes:

Why 'Waiting for Godot' before Alice in Wonderland?

I was just editing a theatre version of Alice in Wonderland, when I realized that Alice was pure nonsense. My German mind turned on and a big question started to hang all over the work, 'how can I present a play made of total nonsense, doesn't it need an interpretation or a focus ?'

Waiting for Godot explicitly illustrates the folly of life, and the senselessness (nonsense) of our lives. I am no longer interesed as an artist and a human...

Playwright: Elizabeth Herring
Director: Sandhano Schultze


Jessie Richardson Award nomination:
Outstanding Performance (supporting) - Sharon Anderson


Written by Seattle playwright, Elizabeth Herring, Babies, Broads and Bread presents thirteen different women --very different women-- in spare, tightly drawn vignettes that have plent to say to and about all of us. And happily enough, these women say it with humour and heart, not passion and polemics.

The thirteen vignettes deftly define each woman's view of life, and her place in the world. There's the aging pitchwoman selling...

Class Enemy

Playwright: Nigel Williams
Director: Sandhano Schultze

Featuring: Scott Bellis, Kevin Conway, Garry Davey, Sean Hoy, Sam Sakar, Ronnie Way and David Wodchis


1989 Sam Payne Award for Most Promising Newcomer, Sandhano Schultze
1989 Jessie Richardson nomination : Outstanding Direction, Sandhano Schultze


A review from our archives...


CLASS ENEMY, Vancouver Little Theatre, To July 9, Wed-Sat, 8 p.m.


In William Golding’s novel Lord of the Flies, a crashed planeload of public school boys are marooned on an...

Playwright: Athol Fugard
Director: Christine Willes

Director's Notes:

Clearly something other than money drives members of a theatre Co-op. The members of this Co-op are no exception. We work not only as creative artists. We are fund raisers and publicists. We put up posters. We sell advertisements and tickets. Noone guarantees our salaries. We share equally any box office profit or loss. Why do we do it?

Quite simply, from our first readings of this deeply human and brilliantly theatrical play, Athol Fugard has had us by the throat. He was driven by six photographs. Photographs of a White...

Playwright: Richard Lett

An Equity Co-op presented by Pink Ink / Vancouver Little Theatre

Director: Sandhano Schultze
Assistant Producer and Photographer: Steve Mitchell


Jessie Richardson award nomination: Outstanding Original Play, Richard Lett

Jimmy: Thomas Hunt
Cook: Sean Hoy
Anderson: David Howe
Dunne: Jim Mcharty
The Guard: Ian Morton
Mavis: Amanda O'Leary
Giffard Main: John Destrey

Lighting Designer and Technical Director: Mark Deggan
Set Designer: Susan Madsen
Costume Designer: Elizabeth Raap-Wolski
Sound Designer: Michael Sager
Stage Manager: Beata van Berkam...

Playwrights: Bonnie Worthington & Sylvia Almerling

Director: Bonnie Worthington

Stella: Sylvia Almerling
John: John MacLaren

Director's Notes:

Promises Made in Bed is Sylvia's first attempt at writing for the theatre and my first stab back at it after quite a few years absence. Promises in no way attempts to speak for all women, but it is very candid, and it provides, I think, a theatrical window for men and women to see into at least one woman's love.

The goal was fun, laughter, honesty, and compassion. During the writing and rehearsing of this play there have been weeks of...

Aunt Dan and Lemon

Playwright: Wallace Shawn
Director: Robert Garfat

Aunt Dan: Claire Brown 
Lemon: Annabel Kershaw 
Mindy: Jennifer Griffin
Raimondo: Tim Healy
Marty / Andy: David Ley
Father / Jasper / Freddy: Doug Tuck
Mother / June / Flora: Hillary Strang



* Jessie Richardson Award:
Outstanding Performance (lead), Annabel Kershaw

Jessie Richardson award nominations:
Outstanding Direction, Robert Garfat
Outstanding Performance (supporting), Jennifer Griffin


a letter from the playwright...

To Whom It May Concern

This is simply to re-emphasis how impressed and excited I was by the Pink Ink...

An Equity Co-op presented by Pink Ink / Vancouver Little Theatre

Playwright: Daniel Thierrault
Director: Stephanie Kirkland

Battery tells the story of Rip, owner of Rip's Electric Shop, his girlfriend Brandy, and his dim-witted shop assistant, Stan. Such is Rip's faith in the wonders of electronics that he subjects Stan to home-made shock treatments, all in the name of love. Using the motif and metaphor of electricity, Thierrault conducts us into a fantastic world that illuminates the limitations and dangers of a mechanistic view of life.

Rip: Brent Applegath
Brandy: Denalda Williams...

Playwright: Frank Wedekind

An Equity Co-op presented by Pink Ink / Vancouver Little Theatre
Director: Sandhano Schultze

Frau Bergmann: Karen Elizabeth Austin
Melchior Gabor: Scott Bellis
Frau Gabor: Judith Berlin
The: Cindy Block
Herr Gabor / Doctor Seltzer: Alec Burden
Georg Zirschnitz / Teacher: Cavan Cunningham
Masked Man / Rector Sunstroke: John Destrey
Hanschen Rilow: Gregory Ragle
Ernst Robel: Mike Stack
Martha: Shelley Sullivan
Ilse: Patricia Tedford
Ina: Beata Van Berkom
Wendla Bergmann: Lezlie Wade
Mortiz: Allan Zinyk

Set Designer: Susan Madsen
Assistant Set Designer: Darla Zary...

Playwright: Sharon Butala
Director: Sandhano Schultze

Miranda: Pat Armstrong
Leslie: Ellie Harvey
Alicia: Celine Lockhart
Social Worker: Sarah Rodgers


a review from our archives...



Pink Ink/Vancouver Little Theatre
to Nov. 4, 8:30 p.m.

SASKATCHEWAN writer Sharon Butala’s new play Element of Fire is for four actresses and it leaves every one of them stranded high and dry.  About the only ting to be said for it is that it has good intentions.  Well, you assume they must be good, but the play is so unskilfully cobbled...


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