After moving to a small town, Clayton and his daughter Laura meet local gang members Shirley, Noodle and the dance begins. Drawn together by a compulsive desire to shed the past these four souls gather to reveal dark secrets and buried fears. Tales of betrayal, violence, pain and anger unravel their interwined lives.

Playwright: Daniel Danis

Director: Sandhano Schultze
Cast: Diane Brown, Kirsten Robek, Mike Stack and Andrew Wheeler
Set designer: David Roberts
Lighting designer: Del Surjik
Assistant Lighting designer: Karen Brown
Sound designer: Andreas Kahre
Costume designer: Nicole Dextras...

Disposing of the Dead

Co-produced with Axis Theatre

Disposing of the Dead is Katherine Schlemmer's modern horror based on the true story of the 1924 murder of Janet Smith, a young Scottish nanny employed by the wealthy Baker family. Initially thought to be a suicide, the woman’s death at Baker’s Shaughnessy home was later discovered to be a gruesome murder that shocked citizens of Vancouver.

Director: Sandhano Schultze and Wayne Specht
Cast: Marya Delver, Kathleen Duborg, David L Gordon, John James Hong, Haig Sutherland, and David Rimmer
Assistant Director: Shauna Janssen
Dramaturge: John Lazarus

A reading series of Québécois plays in English translation

Co-produced with Ruby Slippers and Théâtre la Seizième

Aux Hommes de bonne volonté by Jean-François Caron
Director: Yvan Morissette
Musician: Robert des Côtes
Slide Designer: Tim Matheson
Stage Manager: Galia Goodwin
Cast: Gérard Malo, Marco Giguère, Marco Roy, Monique Polloni, Richard Thériault, Trilby Jeeves

About the Play: Jeannot dies of AIDS at the peak of his youth. He asks that his will be read out officially in the office of he notary. In his will, he denounces death, the force that kills the dreams of the young and cripples...

Playwright: Helene Pedneault

Co-produced with Théâtre la Seizième

The story opens with a young woman, 35 year old Lena Fulvi, giving a statement to a police inspector regarding her mother’s death on the night of her 65th birthday. It’s a meandering testimony, full of childhood car rides and points of interest in the Quebec Countryside. We soon find out as a matter of fact the mother and daughter were far from close. In fact, she hated the old woman, and is the prime suspect in the death of her mother

Director: Michelle Cook & Sandhano Schultze
Cast: Nicole Robert, Jean Stephane Roy...

A reading series of Québécois plays in English translation

Co-produced with Ruby Slippers Theatre and Théâtre la Seizième


The Shaking Tent by Gilbert Dupuis
Le Passage de L'Indiana by Normand Chaurette
The Winners by Francois Armchambault
Joy by Poi Pelletier

The The Baroness and the Pig

What happens when a member of the 1890s French Aristocracy takes in a girl who was brought up by pigs... and tries to turn her into a housemaid ?

Find out in Michael Mackenzie's The Baroness and the Pig.

Director: Sandhano Schultze
Cast: Diane Brown, Tabitha St. Germain
Set Designer: Camille Tseng
Costume Designer: Mara Gottler
Lighting Designer: Del Surjik
Music & Graphic Designer: Andreas Kahre
Slide Designer: Tim Matheson
Stage Manager: Jessica Chambers
Apprentice Stage Manager: Bev Walker
Technical Director: George Scott


Jessie Richardson Award:
Outstanding Costume...

A Place Called Whisper; Circus of Stolen Dreams

Pi Theatre is bravely rising to the challenge presented by our peers. We've received our obstructions and now, we're going to create theatre for children!


Part of Progress Lab's wildly popular Obstructions series, saw Pi creating a piece according to the following parameters:

  • Pi must make a show for an audience of young children with at least one child under 12 in the cast.
  • The piece must incorporate use of structured improvisation and audience participation.
  • It must be unsophisticated.

A Place Called Whisper: Circus of Stolen Dreams played to sold-out houses for two performances only, the...

Playwright: Wajdi Mouawad
Translated by: Shelley Tepperman

Director: Sandhano Schultze
Cast: Mike Stack
Set Designer: Nicole Dextras
Lighting Designer: Del Surjik
Sound and Graphic Designer: Andreas Kahre
Stage Manager: Claire Nicol
Apprentice Stage Manager: Anne Taylor
Technical Director: George Scott
Publicist: Lalo Espejo

Jessie Richardson Award:
Outstanding Performance (lead), Mike Stack

Jessie Richardson Award Nominations:
Outstanding Production, Pink Ink
Outstanding Direction, Sandhano Schultze
Outstanding Set Design, Nicole Dextras
Outstanding Lighting Design, Del Surjik...


Playwright: Michel Garneau

Translated by: Linda Gaboriau

Director: Del Surjik
Photographer: Tim Matheson


Jessie Richardson Award Nominations:
Outstanding Production, Pink Ink
Outstanding Set Design, Andreas Kahre

a review from our archives...

By Jennifer Van Evra

Sometimes the ad business can seem like a war zone.  The competition is fierce, the stakes are high and the blood pressure levels stratospheric.  Those in the industry with a mind for business invariably clash with the creative types they rely upon, while those same...

A reading series of Québécois plays in English translation

Co-produced with Ruby Slippers Theatre and Théâtre la Seizième

La Raccourcie by Jean-Rock Gaudreault
Dangerous Passes Road by Michel Marc Bouchard
Anatomy Lesson by Larry Tremblay


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