Helen's Necklace

Helen's Necklace takes place in an unnamed city in the hot Middle East, scarred by recent wars. Helen is in town for a conference, but impulsively extends her visit to find her lost necklace.

This production of Carole Frécehtte's Helen's Necklace was a presentation by the Cultch.

Directed by Del Surjik

Starring: Elizabeth McLaughlin and Sanjay Talwar

Live music by Boris Sichon

Set Design: David Roberts
Lighting Design: Del Surjik
Assistant Lighting Design: Kitty Hoffman
Costume Design: Barbara Clayden
Stage Management: David Kerr
Assistant Stage Management: Xanthe Faulkner


Carnage is an absurdest comedy that explores our exposure to sex and violence on TV. Disgustingly and horrifyingly funny.

Director: Tammy Isaacson

Starring: Melanie Yeats, Billy Marchenski, Josue Laboucane, Niki Brown, Melissa Robertson, Marisa Smith, Matt Ellis, Ryan Egan, Donna Soares, shana Orlowsky, Daniel Martin

Set Design: John Popkin
Prop and Venue Design: Niki Boyd
Costume Design: Karen Mirfield
Projection Design: Jamie Nesbitt
Lighting Design: Darren Boquist
Sound Design: Joel Etkin
Assistant Direction: Carol Mann
Stage Management: Amber Cruikshank
Assistant Stage Management: Xanthe...


The coldest night of the year. An empty café. The only things that pour more freely than the wine are blood and comedy. Canadian playwright George Hunka fuses elements of absurdity, grotesquery, and farce into a crazy-quilt parallel universe in which nothing is quite what it seems.

Director: Del Surjik

Starring: Sarah Deakins, David Marr and James O'Shea
Set Design: David Roberts
Lighting Design: John Webber
Sound Design: Patrick Pennefather
Projection Design: Tim Matheson
Costume Design: Sheila White
Stage Management: Peter Jotkus
Production Management: Jayson McLean
Publicity: Ellie O'Day

Elisa's Skin

A woman sits in a Brussels café, telling delicate tales of love. She insists on the minute and most intimate details: the beating heart, the sweaty palms, the skin that shivers to the touch. Little by little, through her portraits, she reveals what it is that drives her to tell stories and lets us in on the strange secret, shared with her one day by a young man in a coffee shop.

Carole Fréchette's Elisa's Skin was performed in Vancouver and taken on tour including at the National Arts Centre as part of The Magnetic North Theatre Festival in 2005.

Starring: Marie Stillin
With (at different...


Inspired by a wake in a Belorussian village, Werewolves has a possessed and frightening intensity that evokes an Old World spell in its capacity to dissolve the boundaries between the physical, mental, and spiritual worlds. Realism gives way to the fantastic. A wake transforms into a wedding. Mantraps are made – and used. And these events draw not only the attendance of neighbors, but also of three frightening strangers.

Playwright: Teresa Lubkiewicz 

Director: Tammy Isaacson

Starring: Tara Goertzen, Ian Harmon, Richard Heaven, Adam Lolacher, Cat Main, David Newham, Jane Noble, Ashley O’Connell...

Arabian Night

On a summer night of stifling and charged heat, five occupants of two adjacent condo towers find their dreams, both romantic and erotic, combining to become tinged with the panic of nightmares.  In a twist on the Arabian Tales, a Sleeping Beauty lies on the 7th floor, entrapping tenants in an unwilling carpet ride manufactured from the fabric of her cursed dreams.  Eros and Death become sensually entwined in a manner that is hypnotic in its power and exhilarating in its terror.   

Arabian Night was written by Roland Schimmelpfennig and translated by David Tushingham. 

This production was co-produced...

John and Beatrice 2007

Carole Fréchette has written this highly acclaimed modern fairytale that explores the challenges of making a romantic connection in today’s insular society. Beatrice places an ad: “Well-to-do young heiress is seeking a man who will interest, move and seduce her.” She sits in her downtown tower waiting. When John climbs the stairs with an answer to her ad, the games really begin.

Director: Del Surjik

Starring: Vincent Gale and Karen Rae

Set Design: Yvan Morissette
Lighting Design: Adrian Muir
Sound Design: Patrick Pennefather
Projection Design: Tim Matheson
Costume Design: Karen Mirfield

The Eighth Land

Easter Island. Is it a confounding mystery or one of the greatest environmental tragedies of modern times? William Maranda's The 8th Land is a play written in the classic Greek style of Aeschylus with music and dance, masks and chorus.  Set on Easter Island in a time when the plentiful palm forests of that land have been reduced to one lone palm tree, the last ruler of the "Eighth Land" contemplates the future of his people and his obligations to his gods.


Jessie Richardson Award:
Outstanding Sound Design or Original Composition, Pepe Danza

Jessie Richardson Nomination:

Bashir Lazhar Production

Pi Theatre kicked off its 2008-2009 season with the Western Canadian premiere of the English translation of Evelyne de la Chenelière's Bashir Lazhar.

Directed by Richard Wolfe
Featuring David Marr

Jessie Richardson Nomination: Outstanding Set Design: Jergus Oprsal
Jessie Richardson Nomination: Outstanding Performance by an Actor in a Lead Role: David Marr

Bashir Lazhar is a substitute teacher from Algeria who must bring his grade six class through a trauma that mirrors his own. This celebration of courage is told with humour and conviction in a new translation by Morwyn Brebner...

J and B Saskatoon 09

Pi Theatre Productions and Persephone Theatre present the return engagement of Carole Fréchette's John & Beatrice, directed by Del Surjik and starring Vincent Gale and Patricia Drake.

Nominated for four Jessie Richardson Awards including Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Director and Best Production, Pi Theatre's John & Beatrice is back by popular demand. Vincent Gale reprises his Jessie-nominated performance alongside Patricia Drake who takes over the role of Beatrice in this highly acclaimed modern fairytale that explores the challenges of making a romantic connection in today's...


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