Thunderstruck, or The Song of the Say-Sayer


Playwright: Daniel Danis
Translated by: Linda Gaboriau

Director: Stephanie Kirkland
Cast: Matthew Moreau, Tracey Olson, Mike Stack & Erin Matthews
Set design: Catherine Hahn
Costume design: Barbara Clayden
Lighting design: Del Surjik
Sound design: Andreas Kahre & Noah Drew
Projection design: Tim Matheson
Stage Manager by: Rebecca Eamon
Apprentice Stage Manager: Nicoleigh Barnett


Jessie Richardson Award:
Outstanding Body of Work, Tim Matheson, Slide Projection

Jessie Richardson Award nominations:
Outstanding Direction, Stephanie Kirkland
Outstanding Ensemble Cast
Outstanding Sound Design, Noah Drew and Andreas Kahre
Outstanding Set Design, Katherine Hahn
Outstanding Production, Pi Theatre


Photo: Tim Matheson



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