• Genetic Drift
    What do you think humans will look like in 2167? April 5-8, The Fishbowl
  • The Paradise Arms
    Come hear a reading of Leanna Brodie's new translation of Olivier Sylvestre's "La beauté du monde" on May 18
  • Long Division
    7 characters. 1 tragic event. Let's do the math. April 26-30, Annex Theatre

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Keep Calm and Play Trivia
Sorry for the inconvenience, but Pi's Summer Trivia Fundraiser has been postponed. Please keep an eye out closer to the fall for our next event! Want to help plan Pi's next event? Send us a note at...
Haley McGee
Pi Theatre is excited to be the presenting partner for Haley McGee's I'm Doing This For You at the rEvolver Festival, and it opens tonight!  Haley is a fantastic artist from Toronto, and to introduce...
Venn Diagram
Math Cheat Sheet for Long Division Are you a bit nervous that you’ll get lost in the math of Long Division? Well don’t worry! We have your cheat sheet here. But the most important thing is to focus...


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  • Genetic Drift
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  • The Invisible Hand
  • Blasted
  • Between the Sheets
  • Except in the Unlikely Event of War
  • Terminus
  • after the quake

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