• The Invisible Hand by Ayad Akhtar
    What would you do to secure your own freedom?
  • It's All Over, Orwell
    A new work in development with Theatre Conspiracy
  • Lost Words
    Censored, Banned and Reviled Plays: Uncovered and Explored in a Bar!
  • The Invisible Hand by Ayad Akhtar
    What would you do to secure your own freedom?

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Lost Words
What makes a play so controversial that authorities ban it from the stage? That's exactly what we're exploring in our Lost Words series. The final Lost Words will be held on Tuesday March 22nd...
Pippa Mackie
  Meet Pi Artistic Associate Pippa Mackie! Pippa is the co-creator of our Lost Words series with Jeff Gladstone. Associate Producer Linda sat down with Pippa this week to uncover all her secrets!   Linda...
Pi's Push Picks
  It’s the most wonderful time of the year! No sillies, not Christmas again, it is PuSh time! The Pi office is abuzz; programs have been circled, pennies saved and tickets booked! We are all set for the...



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The Invisible Hand
Between the Sheets
Except in the Unlikely Event of War

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