• Long Division
    7 characters. 1 tragic event. Let's do the math. April 26-30, Annex Theatre
  • Empire of the Son Tour
    Original multidisciplinary play by Tetsuro Shigematsu.
  • Genetic Drift
    What do you think humans will look like in 2167? April 5-8, The Fishbowl
  • Sunday Soul Brunch
    September 25th at The Emerald

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Long Division focuses on seven characters linked - sometimes directly, sometimes more obliquely - by a sequence of tragic events. These characters offer lessons on number theory, geometry and logic...
Genetic Drift
Meet Gary 3, a human/creature hybrid who has come to visit us from the future to tell us about the circumstances of his life and the world. Welcome to Genetic Drift. Genetic Drift introduces a world...
Albert Einstein came up with this riddle, and we're putting it to you to solve! Here are the details: There are 5 houses in 5 different colours. In each house lives a person with a different...


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  • Genetic Drift
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  • The Invisible Hand
  • Blasted
  • Between the Sheets
  • Except in the Unlikely Event of War
  • Terminus
  • after the quake

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