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Oct 19, 2018

Actor Blog - Deb Williams

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eb Williams is multi award winning actress, producer and writer who’s been hacking away at this art form professionally for 30 years. She recently starred in Vanya, Sonia, Masha and Spike, Dressing for a Wedding, Black Bonspiel of Wully McCrimmon, James and the Giant Peach, Clybourne Park, Importance of Being Earnest and Becky’s New Car.  As a comedian and storyteller she is regularly on many forms of media. Deb is working on a number of exciting playwright commissions and is the co-creator/producer/host of The Flame, a sold out monthly storytelling event, radio show and TV special. Here's why she's excited about playing Paige in Hir:

I have been looking forward to working with Richard Wolfe for years and to performing Hir from the moment I read it. I am always interested in theatre that challenges and agitates, and if it is funny too, what a bonus. Hir is going to change the creators and audience alike.  Taylor Mac has taken queer and feminist theory, added toxic masculinity and mashed it up with the best and worst of domestic family life. This is a dark comedic piece and I love the opportunity to chew on a large multi-faceted, full-range of emotion role like Paige. As a middle age actress these roles are rare and rich. My Favourite line: “Max. Come out here and explain your gender ambiguity to your brother.”  Makes me feel likesomeone’s been listening at my door!  

I am looking forward to getting to know my two new sons, Jordan and Victor, who I only briefly met at the photo shoot and to being married to Andrew Wheeler again. Andrew and I have played longtime couples a number of times so I know that our working relationship will be solid and safe while we mine this chaotic and dangerous stage marriage.

Stay tuned for our upcoming blogs with the artistic team of Hir!