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Richard Wolfe and Connie Kostiuk, Cameron Mackenzie, Brian Porter, Kristen Johnson, Ioana Birleanu, Evelyn Harden, Pamela Hawthorn, Claudia Sjoberg, Jane and Chris Westheuser, George and Rita Plawski, Michelle Bjornson, Miranda Huron, Christine French, Jay Dodge, Fran Goldberg, Dawn Padget, Judith Coffin, Dave Mott, Darren Mercer, Norman Armour, David Kerr, Ian Fenwick, Rena Cohen & Rick Parnell, Virginia Cooke, Arthur Close, Keltie & Alexander Forsyth, Ronald Diebert, Brian Porter, Lindsay Nelson, Peter Dickinson, Kathryn Shaw, Wendy Gorling, Robert Woollard, Anita Romaniuk, Karen Husak, Joey Lespérance, Alma McDonald, Elizabeth Snow, and Kent Gallie. We would also like to acknowledge the financial assistance of the Province of British Columbia through BC Gaming.

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