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Chris Dodd
date of presentation
November 24 - 26
November 2023
Ticket PRice

Pi Provocateurs Presents


Created and Performed by Chris Dodd


Chris Dodd - Writer / Performer

Ashley Wright - Director  

Sarah Karpyshin - Production Designer / Surtitlist

Whittyn Jason - Associate Lighting Designer / Surtitlist

Dave Clarke - Sound Designer

Ainsley Hillyard - Movement Coach

Jess Arden - Stage Manager

Amorena Bartlett - ASL Coach

Joshua Meredith - Vocal Coach

Ladan Sahraei - Community Outreach Coordinator (Vancouver)

Alexander Forsyth - Technical Director (Vancouver)

ABOUT THE SHOW: Deaf public speaker, Nathan Jesper, has arrived at his venue desperately late. As he launches into his speech, he soon realizes that things are not what they seem. A new play by Deaf artist Chris Dodd, Deafy skillfully combines ASL, surtitles and the spoken word to weave together a tragicomedy that takes the audience on an unexpected journey of discovering what it really means to belong.

COMMUNITY NIGHT: Join us on November 25 for a community night, featuring ASL interpretation at front of house. Following the performance, there will also be an Artist Talk with Chris Dodd, which will also be ASL interpreted.

Please also note that the Artist has designed the show very specifically to be accessible to Deaf and Hard of Hearing audience members on any night (the show is entirely surtitled and the performer includes ASL), but the 25th is currently the only night with ASL services at FOH and post-show.

On the 24th and 26th, our FOH manager will be equipped with hand-held whiteboard and whiteboard markers in order to facilitate communication with those who need it.

TICKETS: $25. Low and no-cost tickets are available for those who identify as part of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community. Please email libby@pitheatre.com to book your ticket.

RUN TIME: Approximately 60 minutes

MAP TO THE VIFF STUDIO THEATRE VENUE:  1181 Seymour St., Vancouver

CONTENT WARNINGS: Strong adult language, themes of death and self-harm. Recommended for ages 14+.

A man in a grey suit is sitting down, gesticulating to his right as though fending something or someone off. Over his head, blue words on a black background read "DEAF!". Photo credit: Nanc Price.

"Dodd is an ace storyteller, a master of htose wry eyebrow lifts and rueful shrugs that, along with precision comic timing, set the old school comedians apart."

-Liz Nicholls, 12thnight.ca

"Deafy is a riveting and crucial story about the experience of marginalization ... one that speaks to anyone who has felt shut out, oppressed, or marginalized. It's a story of struggling to find a sense of place and belonging, and how to deal with the hurt and resentment of feeling that the only person you can rely on is yourself."

-Lisa McKeown, Now Toronto


Pi Theatre would like to extend our sincere Thanks to our funders: Canadian Heritage (who makes our Provocateurs series possible), B.C. Gaming, The B.C. Arts Council, the Canada Council, and the City of Vancouver.

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