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Apr 6, 2022

Meet Steven Charles!

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Libby Willoughby

The sound designer for our upcoming production- Lampedusa.

Steve Charles is a composer, performer, multi-instrumentalist and sound designer from Vancouver. Highlights include working with Bard on the Beach, Arts Club, Playhouse/MTC, Boca del Lupo, Bluemouth Inc., Galala on TV Unis and Pacifique en Chanson. With the Escape Artists, he collaborated on Miss Shakespeare, Hey Viola! and he continues to perform in their show Chelsea Hotel in theatres across Canada. He tours internationally with bands Viper Central and Forro do Cana and is in demand as a musician and theatre artist for his expertise and versatility. He is delighted to be working with the incredible team at PI for Lampedusa  www.stevenjohncharles.com