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Mar 17, 2020

Pi Programming News

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e’re living through an unprecedented global scenario. While we’ve never been more connected to each other economically and digitally, the threat of COVID 19 is forcing us to live our physical lives away from each other.

Social distancing is the identified way to “flatten the curve.”  If the virus can’t spread rapidly, the rate of infection is slowed, which gives our healthcare system a chance to cope.

Pi Theatre stands with our colleagues, our audiences, and all people throughout Canada and around the world in our efforts to support each other during this trying time.  We particularly want to acknowledge our health care workers who are risking their own health, in fact their very lives, to care for others.  Let’s not let them down!

Pi is postponing both the presentation of Wake for Lost Time from [elephants] collective of Toronto, as well as our Canadian premiere of Lampedusa, which was to have opened at the Annex this April.  Ticket holders will be contacted and we believe both shows will go forward at an appropriate date in the future.

This episode may be more of a marathon than a sprint.  But, in the end, there will be a mighty convergence.  Theatres and concert halls will reopen and people will celebrate the act of collective care with a deeper understanding of our inescapable connectivity.

We wish everyone the best in the days and weeks to come.

Richard Wolfe,

Pi Theatre