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Nov 3, 2022

Sammy Chien 簡上翔

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New Media / Projection Mentor

Sammy Chien 簡上翔 is a Taiwanese-Canadian immigrant and queer artist-of-colour, who’s an interdisciplinary artist, director, performer, researcher and mentor in film, sound art, new media, performance, movement and spiritual practice. With over 400 collaborative projects, his work has been exhibited across Canada, Western Europe, and Asia including Centre Pompidou (Paris) and the National Centre for the Performing Arts (Beijing), worked with pioneers of digital performance: Troika Ranch and Wong Kar Wai’s Cinematographer Christopher Doyle, and active in projects engaging various underrepresented communities. Sammy is currently leading a dance research project “We Were One” and media arts project “Ritual-Spective 迴融”, both funded by Canada Council for the Arts and BC Arts Council. Sammy is the official instructor of Isadora, Member/Council of MotionDAO and Artistic Director of Chimerik 似不像, an award winning new media art & design collective.

Image Description: Sammy is a Taiwanese-Canadian immigrant and queer artist-of-colour; wearing a patterned, thick, cardigan; with long dark hair that is shaved on one side; with his gaze turned up at the sky.