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Apr 30, 2021

Re-Introducing Zev Mair!

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Zev Mair is a multilingual, neurodiverse emerging artist from Toronto.  Trained in dance and classical music, Zev now performs, choreographs, and creates experimental performance art.  They are honing their skills as a creator to prioritise accessibility - in both medium and content - as well as challenging the implicit colonial structures in theatre and dance.  As a co-founder of bc / pa, they assistant directed and performed in Operations (1945-2006): Movements (Nuit Blanche, 2018) and helped to create ARTSTAR!!! (Nuit Blanche, 2019).  Though COVID-19 cancelled their work on the 2020 iteration of A Wake for Lost Time, they are a continuing member of [elephants] collective.  They are currently part of Paprika's 20/21 TD Creators' Unit.

Past credits include Dancing With Parkinson's Intergenerational Dance Project (2016-17), The Weavers (RCPA, 2017), Luna Li’s “Star Stuff” (dir. Hallie Switzer, 2017), Feist’s “Century” (dir. Scott Cudmore, 2017), Bloom (dir. Alex Douglas, Toronto Queer Film Festival, 2018), and choreography for Les Frères (dir. Abigail Whitney, U of T Centre for Drama, Theatre & Performance Studies, 2018).