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A Wake For Lost Time

By Maïna Belray, Jesse Byiers, Thomas McKechnie, Zev Mair, Michaela Mar, & Michael Reinhart
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Unfortunately this Provocateurs presentation has been put on hold because of COVID 19. We hope to bring it to Vancouver when things stableize and it's safe to do so.


Pi Theatre’s Provocateurs Series presents [elephants] collective’s A Wake for Lost Time. Running non-stop for 24 hours, A Wake for Lost Time is a theatrical ritual / experiment in its seventh iteration.  Built as a two-hour performance loop, the piece is somewhere between a play, a feat of strength, a church service, a football game, and a party.  

A Wake for Lost Time ritually explores how time passes through bodies and is a chance to encounter and meditate on, not only the loss of time, but on how we understand time, and how we, as human beings, are continuously at its ever-evolving mercy.

“A Wake for Lost Time blurs the line between theatre and performance art –- creating a powerful, fully immersive spectacle that is both timely and timeless in its execution.” – Gian Verano


Carmel Amit, Maïna Belray, Jesse Byiers, June Fukumura, Michaela Mar, & Michael Reinhart


Maïna Belray, Jesse Byiers, Thomas McKechnie, Zev Mair, Michaela Mar, & Michael Reinhart


Michael Reinhart

[elephants] collective is an experimental Toronto theatre collective that has been creating together since 2014.  The collective has had a range of manifestations over the years, but has always been founded on three values: extensive dramaturgy, rigorous physical training and ongoing inquiry into the range of possibilities available in the performer/audience exchange.  [elephants] has presented work in an array of venues and festivals including Rhubarb, SummerWorks, Toronto Fringe, DaPoPo’s Live-In Festival (Halifax), and through a number of residencies and independent productions.

A Wake for Lost Time will run non-stop 4pm - 4pm, dates TBA

Venue: The Vancouver Opera O’Brian Centre 1945 McLean Drive, Vancouver, - just a 5 - 10 minute walk from from Commercial-Broadway Skytrain!

Tickets: $34 ($24 for students, seniors, and cultural workers) available online or at (604)-872-1861.  Attendees may stay as long as they wish, and can leave or re-enter the space throughout the duration of the performance.  Audience members will get a toonie back every time they return for a new performance loop (with a maximum of 5 re-entry toonies).

Warnings: Pi Theatre produces and presents bold theatrical experiences that are intellectually alive and emotionally charged. We do not offer specific advisories about subject matter as sensitivities differ widely from person to person. If you have any questions about content, age-appropriateness, stage effects or anything else, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at (604)-872-1861.