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Acts of Passion '99

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November 1, 1999
November 1999
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A reading series of Québécois plays in English translation

Co-produced with Ruby Slippers Theatre and Théâtre la Seizième


Blue Hands by Larry Tremblay (Translated by Don Druick)
Director: Del Surjik
About the Play: Blue Hands is the tale of a boy and his mother, disturbingly illustrated through the fascinaing metaphor of a boy and his dog. Jeremy, in reconstructing his memory bit by bit, tumbles through a stream of consciousness polluted by wounds of a profoundly troubled childhood that marries the memory of his mother with his childhood pet.

Trick or Treat by Jean Marc Dalpe (Translated by Robert Dickson)
Director: Diane Brown
About the Play: Five scenes, five "special" days in the lives of petty criminals and marginals, both sinister and wildly humorous. A not-too innocent teenager, his father's homosexual lover, two small-time criminals and a young cokehead ex-con interact in tense, barely controlled situations. The deeper the resonance of the play lies between the lines, in the half-said and the unsaid.

Les mains d'Edwidge au moment de la naissance by Wajdi Mouawad
Director: Alain Jean
About the Play: Tandis que sa famille organize au salon des funérailles fictive pour sa seour Esther, disparue depuis dix ans. Edwige refuse catégoriquement de monter de la cave somber et sale où elle se terre. C'est là qu'elle assiste au retour d'Esther, qui vient accucher dans ses bras, pendant que le village au complet se bat au salon.