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Arabian Night

By Roland Schimmelpfennig
date of presentation
May 17 - June 2, 2007
May 2007
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On a summer night of stifling and charged heat, five occupants of two adjacent condo towers find their dreams, both romantic and erotic, combining to become tinged with the panic of nightmares.  In a twist on the Arabian Tales, a Sleeping Beauty lies on the 7th floor, entrapping tenants in an unwilling carpet ride manufactured from the fabric of her cursed dreams.  Eros and Death become sensually entwined in a manner that is hypnotic in its power and exhilarating in its terror.  

Arabian Night was written by Roland Schimmelpfennig and translated by David Tushingham.

This production was co-produced with Axis Theatre Company.

Director: Del Surjik
Staging Dramaturgy: Wayne Specht

Starring: Yasmin Abidi, Sasa Brown, Kevin Williamson, Craig Veroni and Peter Wilson
Set Design and Lighting Design: Del Surjik
Assistant Lighting Design: Kitty Hoffman
Sound Composition and Design: Robbie Parker
Projection Design: Jamie Nesbitt
Costume Design: Barbara Clayden
Stage Management: Lori Parker
Associate Set Design and Production Management: Jayson McLean
Publicity: Ellie O'Day


Jessie Award Nominations:                      

Outstanding Sound Design or Original Composition, Robbie Parker

Outstanding Lighting Design, Del Surjik