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At The Speed of Light

By Peter Dickinson
date of presentation
March 21 - April 4, 2022
March 2022
Ticket PRice
Pay what you can

If you could go back in time, would you change things? Knowing the consequences, would you still buy the boy in the blue suit a drink? Set between Vancouver and Vienna, At the Speed of Light is an audio drama for three voices that explores the human dimensions of quantum entanglement: how we affect and are affected by each other. It is a play about queer friendship, family dysfunction, theories of relativity, trolling neo-Nazis, and the musical genius of Swedish pop star Robyn.

When: "At the Speed of Light" will be available for your listening pleasure from March 21 - April 4 2022. No matter what date you select for your "ticket"- you can listen any time!

Run time is approximately 50 minutes!

Where: We'll be sending you a Soundcloud link to the show. Just paste the link in your browser.

How: You'll need an internet connection, a decent speaker (recommended), or some headphones.

Written by Peter Dickinson
Directed by Richard Wolfe
Performed by Melissa Oei, Amber Lewis, and Brett Harris
Sound design and musical compositions by David Mesiha
Graphic Design by Terry Wong

Tickets are "pay what you will". We suggest support of around $10, but we understand if that's not feasible for some! Please feel free to contribute whatever is within your means.