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Babies, Broads and Bread

By Elizabeth Herring
date of presentation
March 11 - 27, 1988
March 1988
Ticket PRice

Director: Sandhano Schultze

Written by Seattle playwright, Elizabeth Herring, Babies, Broads and Bread presents thirteen different women --very different women-- in spare, tightly drawn vignettes that have plent to say to and about all of us. And happily enough, these women say it with humour and heart, not passion and polemics.

The thirteen vignettes deftly define each woman's view of life, and her place in the world. There's the aging pitchwoman selling high-speed blenders at the fair, the pregnant prostitute, the radical Girl Scout leader, the exotic dancer, the suburban housewife, the high-powered insurance executive, and the pouty 12-year-old playing a blade of grass in the school play. And more.

Some of the women seem comfortably familiar, and their experiences give us glimmers of insight into our own hopes, fears and coping mechanisms. Others live hard, cruel lives, and reveal glimpses of worlds that aren't nearly as far away as we would like to believe.

Annabel / Bonnie / Estelle: Diana Steven
Rochelle / Magdalena / Carol Lee #2: Nona Avren
Charlene / Carol Lee #3 / Louise: Amanda O'Leary
Momma / Annette / Yolanda: Sheila Paterson
Georgia / Beth: Sandy Tucker
Barbara / Carol Lee #1 / Nadine: Sharon Anderson
Nancy / Peggy: Cindy Block

Assistant Director / Stage Manager: Inga Vollmer
Set and Costume Designer: Susan Madsen
Assistant Stage Managers: Mary Bechler & Gail Outhwaite
Props Designer: Brydon Innes
Muscial Directors: Ronnie Way & Ian Tarasoff
Lighting Designer: Janet Duckworth


Jessie Award Nomination:

Outstanding Performance, Sharon Anderson