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... But Laura Didn't Answer

By René-Daniel Dubois
date of presentation
February 1 - March, 1995
February 1995
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Playwright: René-Daniel Dubois
Translated by: Linda Gaboriau

Director: Sandhano Schultze
Assistant Director: Christine Mathieson
Set Designer: Robert Gardiner
Assistant Set Designer: Atousa Arjangpour
Costume Designer: Nicole Dextras
Lighting Designer: Adrian Muir
Assistant Lighting Designer: Jane Harrington
Sound Designer: Darren Copeland
Video / Slide Design: Tim Matheson
Stage Manager: Claire Nicol
Apprentice Stage Manager: Michelle Penney
Technical Director: David Kerr
Production Manager: Bryan Pike
Publicist / Poster Design: Caroline Coutts

Madame F.: Christina Jastrzembska
Paul: Peter Wilds
The Little Girl:Marya Delver
The Lawyer: Don Mackay