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Elisa's Skin

By Carole Fréchette
date of presentation
2003 (Toured in 2006)
January 2003
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A woman sits in a Brussels café, telling delicate tales of love. She insists on the minute and most intimate details: the beating heart, the sweaty palms, the skin that shivers to the touch. Little by little, through her portraits, she reveals what it is that drives her to tell stories and lets us in on the strange secret, shared with her one day by a young man in a coffee shop.

Carole Fréchette's Elisa's Skin was performed in Vancouver and taken on tour including at the National Arts Centre as part of The Magnetic North Theatre Festival in 2005.

Starring: Marie Stillin
With (at different times): Jean-Michel LeGal and Todd Thompson

Director: Del Surjik
Assistant Director: Tammy Isaacson
Stage Manager: David Kerr
Set Design: David Roberts
Lighting Design: Del Surjik
Costume Design: Barbara Clayden
Original Musical Composition and Sound Design: Patrick Pennefather

Jessie Richardson Award Nominations For:
Outstanding Performance by Marie Stillin
Outstanding Production


Jessie Award Nominations:                      

Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role, Marie Stillin

Outstanding Production