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By Various Artists
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1 June - 31 August 2020
June 2020
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We love our artists.  We know you love them too!  Pi Theatre has come up with a unique fundraising initiative to support individual artists and the Pi organisation. Pi Theatre presents Encounter:  A Cabin Fever Fundraiser.  It’s a way you can support both Pi Theatre and its artists at the same time!

For our fundraiser this year, we have decided to split the proceeds 50-50 with some wonderful artists who are following their creative impulses during this far-reaching disruption to our communities and to our daily lives.  This is a time of stress and heartbreak, but it is also a time when we particularly appreciate moments of joy, generosity, and unexpected humour.  It's a time when we come together to support each other, to perform acts of kindness, to be patient with each other, and to assess what we really value.

Over the past decade, Pi has worked with many stellar individuals who make a living through acting, music, design, writing, and other creative endeavours.  Unfortunately, because much of their activity is about contributing to events where people come together as community to share experiences, these cultural workers find themselves suspended from jobs they’ve trained for and are deeply dedicated to.  Today, the work-space is largely closed to these talented people, some of whom may not even qualify for program support.  On top of that, performing arts venues will likely be closed for a while, so performing artists may be among the last to get back to work.

We are proud to have you as a co-conspirator in our mission to support artists in delivering new work to the public.  Each artist has a donation link that allows you to directly support them, and we encourage you to support multiple artists with a donation. Join us as we Encounter Performance, Encounter Generosity, Encounter Community, and fight cabin fever!

Support Carmel & Marie!

Carmel Amit and Marie Queenan - Mother's Pie

WC Fields famously once said, “I like children. If they’re properly cooked.” Of course, today’s parents would never think of saying anything so anti-child. So violently incorrect. Sooooo tempting! On the other hand, sometimes the grocery store line up is just too darn long to worry about what other people think of your culinary choices.

Support Satanix!

Satanix - Do Whatever the Heck You Want

Satanix (AKA Nikki Barnes, a talented performer who appeared in last season’s Hir Cabaret), contemplates who gets to tell you what to do with your body, or your spirit, or your Netflix viewing time!

Support Jon Wood, Flophouse Jr!

Flophouse Jr - Hit the Ground

Songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and Pi collaborator Jon Wood (Mr. Flophouse Jr.) teams up with bandmate (and Pi collaborator) Belinda Bruce in their cabin fever basement to record Hit the Ground, which explores self empowerment and individualism in the face of government and corporate authoritarianism.

Support Larissa!

Larissa Blokhuis - Pandemic Haircut

Visual artist Larissa Blokhuis has been expanding her tools as an artist over the past year, and makes her first foray into the world of (recorded) performance.

Support [elephants] collective!

[elephants] collective - Stuffed Inside

From the creators of A Wake for Lost Time comes an incisive look at the way we navigate the current pandemic. With puppets!

Support Robert Garry Haacke!

Robert Garry Haacke - Touch

Robert creates an evocative look at family in Touch. Catch Robert in Pi’s Canadian premiere of Lampedusa next season.

Support Munish!

Munish Sharma - The Boy Who Loved to Dance

Munish is Pi’s 2019-2020 artist in residence, and he creates a story about following your passion. A life affirming vision for the whole family.