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In Response to Alabama

Libby Willoughby, Mariam Barry, and Miranda MacDougall
date of presentation
December 2019
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Right before Alabama's recent move to criminalise women's autonomy over their own bodies, Little Thief Theatre (Miranda MacDougall and Libby Willoughby) was gearing up to present a fictional piece centred around abortion.  But the outcry from women south of our border was so piercing that the company changed course.  In Response to Alabama was the result.

Little Thief Theatre is an emerging theatre company based in Vancouver, BC.  Little Thief went from an idea to a reality one night in a bar in the downtown east side when Miranda MacDougall and Libby Willoughby decided that they wanted to make theatre together.  But not just any theatre, theatre with a mandate to produce interdisciplinary work that centres female-identifying artists in all areas.  About womxn, by womxn, for womxn.  Little Thief is dedicated to creating work that is intersectional, vibrant, and plays with form and structure.

Performed by: Libby Willoughby, Mariam Barry, and Miranda MacDougall

Director: Keltie Forsyth

Nurse / Stage Manager: Grace Le