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Lady Parts: BOOBS

By Cheyenne Mabberley & Katey Hoffman
date of presentation
Oct 17, 2017
October 2017
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Boobs was the first episode of Lady Parts, a series in the 2017-2018 Pi Provocateurs Presentation Series. This premiere presentation was a titillating evening of exploring body issues of all kinds.

Whether you have boobs, want ‘em, or are scared of ‘em, you’re going to be motor-boated with hilarious jokes. The unrealistic beauty standards our society sets for women are so ridiculous, they hardly need a send-up but join us as female comedians bounce, jiggle, and lactate their way through a night of perky parody. #TigOlBitties

For this sold-out event, Katey and Cheyenne were joined by Emmelia Gordon and Melissa Oei, with a special guest appearance by San Francisco's Rachel Lark! Read their bios here!

There was also a special performance by Stefanie Davis and Naomi Vogt, and sales of Madison Reid's awesome designs

Doors were at 8:00pm and the show started at 8:30pm.

Tickets were $15 or $55 for a reserved table for 4.