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Lady Parts: BRAINS

By Katey Hoffman & Cheyenne Mabberley
date of presentation
Nov 28, 2017
November 2017
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You probably already know that women are bad at parallel parking, love to chit-chat, and goshdarnit, we just don’t get math! But did you also know that is all complete bullshit? Come learn something new at Lady Parts: BRAINS as we take on some of the ludicrous stereotypes of having both a hippocampus and a vagina.

With sketch comedy, stand up, improv, and true stories, BRAINS was an unabashed homage to the struggles of our gender, a cabaret of the uncomplacent, and the best entertainment you could get on a Tuesday night.  #WeHaveBrainsToo

For this episode, Katey and Cheyenne were joined by director Jamie King, performers Arggy Jenati and Genevieve Fleming, and special guest appearances by Nasty Women Comedy and Julie Kim! Read their bios here!

BRAINS was held at The Emerald.

Doors were at 8:00pm and the show started at 8:30pm.

Tickets were $15 or $55 for a reserved table for 4.