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Long Division at the Gateway

Peter Dickinson
date of presentation
Nov 17 - 26, 2016
November 2016
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In November 2016, Pi Theatre produced the world premiere of Peter Dickinson's new performance script, Long Division, at Gateway Theatre in Richmond.

Long Division is a multimedia, physical theatre piece about the mathematics of human connection. Peter worked directly with Pi to see how his work could be translated from the page to the stage. The show was produced in association with Gateway Theatre.

Long Division focuses on seven characters linked - sometimes directly, sometimes more obliquely - by a sequence of tragic events. These characters offer lessons on number theory, geometry and logic, while revealing aspects of their inner lives, and collectively the nature of their relationships to one another.

Long Division ran from November 17 - 26, 2016.

Dates: Nov 17-19, 22-26 at 8pm, Nov 22 at 1pm, Nov 19 and 26 at 2pm

Location: Gateway Theatre, 6500 Gilbert Road, Richmond
Box Office: Online or by phone at 604.270.1812

Director: Richard Wolfe
Choreographer: Lesley Telford, Inverso Productions
Composer: Owen Belton
Assistant Director: Keltie Forsyth

Cast:  Anousha Alamian, Jay Clift, Nicco Lorenzo Garcia, Jennifer Lines,
Melissa Oei, LInda Quibell & Kerry Sandomirsky

Costume Designer: Connie Hosie
Lighting Designer: Jergus Oprsal
Set Designer: Lauchlin Johnston
Projection Designer: Jamie Nesbitt
Production Manager: Jayson Mclean
Stage Manager: Jethelo E. Cabilete