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Enda Walsh
date of presentation
June 14 - 23
June 2024
Ticket PRice
38 - 15

Medicine by Enda Walsh

Directed by Richard Wolfe

June 14 - 23, 2024

The Vancity Culture Lab - 1895 Venables street, Vancouver

L - R: Nyiri Karakas, Jay Clift, and Genevieve Fleming. PC: Emily Cooper Photography.

Smart, funny, and absurd. If that sounds right up your alley, join us for the Canadian premiere of Medicine by Enda Walsh, June 14 - 23 at the Vancity Culture Lab! Medicine is a dark and frequently absurdist work that shatters the boundary between cast and audience. It is a devastatingly funny and moving meditation on how, for decades, we have treated those we have called 'mentally ill'.

John lives in an institution. Every year, a couple struggling local actors are hired to do "drama therapy" with John, reenacting bits and pieces of his life and his trauma. Chaos ensues, secrets come to light, and John grapples with the question of if anyone is even watching.


Available through the Cultch's box office, tickets will be live soon.

$38 regular admission

$15 accessible tickets (20 available for each show), use the code PI15 at checkout.

BRING A FRIEND! Tuesday nights are bring a friend night, 2 tickets for the price of one! Use the code ILOVEPI at checkout.


8pm evening shows Tuesday - Saturday

4pm Saturday matinees (June 15 + 22)

2pm Sunday matinees (June 16 + 23)

L - R: Nyiri Karakas, Jay Clift, and Genevieve Fleming. PC: Emily Cooper Photography.


Performed by Jay Clift, Genevieve Fleming, Nyiri Karakas, and Stephen Lyons

Directed by Richard Wolfe

Produced by Libby Willoughby

Stage Manager: Jasmin Sandhu

Apprentice Stage Manager & Props Designer: Kayleigh Sandomirsky

Lighting Designer: Hina Nishioka

Sound Designer: Alex Mah

Costume Designer: Donnie Tejani

Set Designer: David Roberts

Production Manager: Alex Forsyth