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No Exit

By Jean-Paul Sartre
date of presentation
January 21 - February 7, 1987
January 1987
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No Exit was written in 1944 and first performed in France shortly before the German occupation troops left Paris. It is a "philosophial melodrama" set in a unique kind of hell. The three characters need each other in order to create some illusion about themselves. Since existence for Sartre is the ability to create one's future, the opposite of existence is hell where man has no power to create his future. Therefore, Sartre's definition of mans fundamental sin is when the picture of a man has of himself is provided by those who see him, by the distorted image of himself that they give back to him, then man has rejected what the philosopher has called reality.

Director: Sandhano Schultze

Valet: David Hooper
Vincent Cradeau: Marcel Maillard
Inez: Amanda O'Leary
Estelle: Carla Rieger

Stage Manager: Mary Bechler
Set Designer: Ferguson J.S. Neville
Music: Brian Tate
Costume Designer: Rosanne Wonzy