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Promises Made in Bed

By Bonnie Worthington & Sylvia Almerling
date of presentation
February 14 - March 11, 1989
February 1989
Ticket PRice

Director: Bonnie Worthington

Stella: Sylvia Almerling
John: John MacLaren

Director's Notes:

Promises Made in Bed is Sylvia's first attempt at writing for the theatre and my first stab back at it after quite a few years absence. Promises in no way attempts to speak for all women, but it is very candid, and it provides, I think, a theatrical window for men and women to see into at least one woman's love.

The goal was fun, laughter, honesty, and compassion. During the writing and rehearsing of this play there have been weeks of screaming laughter, plain screaming, dancing, swearing and crying, but always a return to laughter, and the friendship between an actress and director who worked for the first time as co-authors. It is a beginning. Thank you to our friends and lovers who have travelled this adventure with us. - Bonnie Worthington

Poem in the program - From the theatre of banyen books

now that the winter sun rolls through eye
  words splintering rays of good morning
   all over the skin,
it becomes a mystery of who or why these
 phrases appear before my eyes now, and
 what twist or scam or headtrip is it really,
  so I rest at last and just enjoy the ride,
far along the water's edges, by the waves,
  where global healing stories sing & play.
  where promises are kept in bed.
 where promises, like rosy carrots, lure.
 where the rooty winter darkness already
wrestles with the brightseed's eager thrustings.
...ah, spring lightly, on the ground.