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Statements after an Arrest under the Immorality Act

By Athol Fugard
type of event
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November 23 - December 17, 1988
November 1988
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Director: Christine Willes

Director's Notes:

Clearly something other than money drives members of a theatre Co-op. The members of this Co-op are no exception. We work not only as creative artists. We are fund raisers and publicists. We put up posters. We sell advertisements and tickets. Noone guarantees our salaries. We share equally any box office profit or loss. Why do we do it?

Quite simply, from our first readings of this deeply human and brilliantly theatrical play, Athol Fugard has had us by the throat. He was driven by six photographs. Photographs of a White woman and a Coloured man caught in the act. Trapped making love. Polic evidence. Used to charge them with breaking the laws of South Africa's Immorality Act. Laws which Fugard has called that country's "unique contribution to the world of pornography."

Driven to write, to bear witness to their record of "...20 seconds of hell...; the twenty seconds it takes to pass from an experience of life to an intimation of death."

In turn, the power and magnificence of his words has driven us, inevitably, to the spell-binding, gut-wrenching event - live theatre.

The stage is ready. The actors are waiting. Now you are here to witness our statement. Let us begin.

On a hot summer's night, the twelfth of January, in Noupoort, a small town in the Karoo region of South Africa, a Coloured man and a White woman...  - Christine Willes

Freida Joubert: Marion Eisman
Errol Philander: David Adams
Detective J. du Preez: Garrey Davey

Stage Manager: Sylvia Swift
Set Designer: Gerald King
Design Assistant: Susan Madsen
Photographer: Stevel Mitchell