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Veronique West
date of presentation
December 1 - 4
December 2022
Ticket PRice

Pi Provocateurs Presents

a Rumble Theatre and V West co-Production


About the Show

In Szepty/Whispers, a neurodivergent artist probes their family's silence around mental health, sifting through traces of the past. As they grapple with the risks and possibilities of disclosure, they question how culture, migration, and trauma shape generational perspectives on disability. Through fragments of personal narrative, documentary material, and multimedia design, Szepty/Whispers attempts to connect across silence - to find kinship without a shared language.

Szepty/Whispers experiments with a creative approach to accessibility, embedding audio description into the performer's lines and captions into the projection design. The writer/performer is neurodivergent, mad, chronically ill, and non-binary. The creative team includes intersectional Deaf, disabled, mad, and neurodivergent artists. The project strives to centre our realities, bringing our communities together, while recognizing our diverse and sometimes contrasting needs.

Inspired by artistic groups like Sins Invalid (a queer and BIPOC disabled collective), we recognize how solidarity is essential and all liberation movements are connected.

Pre-Show Audio Description

This description lasts approximately 7 minutes, and is intended to increase access for blind and partially sighted audience members. Although anyone is welcome to listen!

Where: Progress Lab - 1422 William St. Vancouver

When: December 1 - 4, 2022.

7:30pm evening shows (December 1 ,2, & 3), 4pm matinee (Dec 4).

ASL interpreted Performance on December 3, with interpreters present and available pre and post show.

Run Time: 90 minutes, no intermission.

Tickets: $25, including all service fees.

If a $25 is not realistic for you, please feel free to use code Szepty15 for a $15 pricing option.

If you experience financial barriers but still wish to access this piece, we want to have you there! Please send a note to Libby Willoughby (she/her) via email at libby@pitheatre.com and we will be happy to set a ticket aside for you.

Accessibility Practices

- Good Host present at every show to help address audience access needs

- ASL interpreted performance on December 3, with a dedicated interpreter available pre and post show

- pre-show audio guide for blind & partially sighted communities (see above)

- visual story for the venue & show- click HERE to view in PDF format, and HERE for a docx (ideal for e-readers).

- detailed content & sensory warnings (see below)

- audio description embedded into the performer's lines

- captions embedded into the show's projection design

- audiences will be free to move, make noise, leave, and return during the show

- separate quiet space

- flexible & wheelchair accessible seating

- gender neutral & wheelchair accessible washrooms

- COVID-19 safety practices such as masking are highly encouraged in the space to help protect vulnerable audience members, hand sanitizer will be available all around the venue, and high touch points will be frequently sanitized by staff

- We ask that audience members avoid wearing scented products, to make the space accessible for people with chemical sensitivities and allergies. You can find more info about fragrance-free access here

- online video version of the show for audiences to experience at home, release date TBD (will be announced on social media, via email, and on Rumble and Pi's website)

- other practices to be confirmed

If you have any accessibility questions or requests, you can reach out to Christie Watson (he/they) via email at cwatson@rumble.org or phone at 604-662-3395.

Content and Sensory Warnings

Pi and Rumble theatre want to acknowledge that some content and sensory experiences may be unsettling to certain audience members.

In this play there are non-explicit references to trauma, madness, suicide, self-harm, ableism, sanism, white nationalism and totalitarianism. Sensory triggers include loud sounds, drinking alcohol and a small, contained fire with smoke.

We also want to recognize that theatre is experienced differently by everyone. Each person brings their day and personal history into the space of performance. Triggers are not always known and often show up in surprising ways. This can be true for a person who is aware of what it feels like to be triggered and for people who have never experienced being triggered before. Because of this we hope to centre community care by having a Good Host in the lobby. If anyone wants to ask about a specific trigger, or something they're feeling off about on the day and might need to ask questions about the show, find the Good Host in a bowtie and ball cap and ask away. The Good host is also available to talk about any accessibility needs. During the show we encourage self-determination of triggers. If for any reason, you need to leave the space during the performance, please opt out. No explanation necessary. Your ticket will be exchanged for another show if possible or fully refunded. Contact Libby at Pi theatre for questions related to ticketing libby@pitheatre.com. If you have any accessibility, content, or sensory concerns about the show contact the Good Host, goodhost@rumble.org.

Image Description: In a dark studio space, a white non-binary performer sits under a table, speaking into a microphone. A warm orange glow illuminates them. A lace curtain hangs in the foreground and a scrim hangs in the background, illuminated with blue light. This image is a still from a video by Christian Yves Jones.


Writer/Performer: Veronique West

Director: Jivesh Parasram

Inclusive Designer: JD Derbyshire

New Media/Projection Design by Caroline MacCaull (Chimerik Collective似不像)

New Media/Projection Mentorship by Sammy Chien (Chimerik Collective似不像)

Scenography Designer: Cindy Mochizuki

Sound Designer & Composer: David Mesiha

Associate Sound Designer: Riley Zaporozan

Lighting Designer: Keagan Elrick

Caption Designer: Jack Chipman

Blind Artist-Consultant: Amy Amantea

Deaf Artist-Consultant: Rei Ga-wun Leung

Dramaturg: Kathleen Flaherty

Carpentry: Minoru Yamamoto

Stage Manager: Zain Khudhur

Assistant Director: Ariel Martz-Oberlander

Producer: Christie Watson

Tech Support: Jack Goodison

Production Support: Rachel Brew

Artist-Consultants for the Development Process: Amy Amantea, Siobhan Barker, June Fukumura, Rei Ga-wun Leung, and Marifer Douglas

Szepty/Whispers has a parallel digital experience created with various artists. You can find the credits for the digital experience at: www.VeroniqueWest.com/Szepty--Whispers  


Szepty/Whispers has been developed at Playwrights Theatre Centre as part of the
Associates program.

The project has also been supported by:
the Canada Council for the Arts
the BC Arts Council
the Province of British Columbia
Rumble Theatre
Progress Lab 1422
Chimerik似不像 Collective

Theatre Replacement's PushOFF
Upintheair Theatre's rEvolver Festival
The National Theatre School of Canada’s Art Apart initiative
Boca del Lupo and Rice & Beans Theatre’s DBLSPK series
Mentorship with Boca del Lupo’s Artistic Director Sherry J. Yoon
Universal Limited's Horizontal Help program
The Arts Club Theatre Company’s LEAP Playwriting Intensive

Image credit: Christian Yves Jones